Monthly Archives: May 2013

Get More Twitter Followers Twitter is one of the largest social media sites but to make it work well you need targeted twitter followers who share your interests. It’s easy to use and is available in every mobile and computer format. It’s one of the few places that people can talk to their favourite celebrity […]

How To Write A Great YouTube Title So you want to make a great YouTube video that gets lots of views and interactions? Well, don’t forget your YouTube title because this is literally one of the most important parts of creating your video. Some people will even argue it is the most important part since […]

Video Marketing There are many different factors that play a role in successful YouTube and video marketing but the quality of your video will be an important one. Far too often we might think “Oh, it’s just YouTube; slap some homemade movie up there” but the truth is, if you are using this for video […]