Monthly Archives: July 2015

How To Offer Valuable Web Content We are constantly asked what represents quality website content? Google especially is only interested in listing high quality, USEFUL content at the top of its listings, so providing pages that offer value has never been more important. The key is to think about what people searching for a term […]

W3C Compliant Web Design HTML One of the many elements that Google assess before determining your search engine rankings is the structure and quality of your html code. Clean code loads faster, performs better and demonstrates to Google that your website is well managed and those signals are important for your search engine rankings. Why […]

Why Is Mobile Friendly Design Important? Since 2007 there has been rapid growth in the use of smart phones necessitating the need for mobile friendly websites. In line with this growth, we have seen a gradual rise in the amount of people using their smart phones to search for things online. In 2014 a seismic […]

What Is SEO? – Page Load Speed Why Should You Improve Your Page Load Speed? Google use your page load speed as a strong filter through which your site will either pass or not. If your website takes too long to load, you will NOT appear in Google SERPs. Test Your Website Load Speed here. […]

What is SEO? – Website Structure & Navigation The methods you use for website structure and navigation from page to page of your website will make a massive difference to the way your pages perform in search. The first point is that all of your pages need to be linked to through your main navigation […]

What Is SEO? – Core Website Design Making SEO work for you is all about getting your ducks in a row. There are a series of steps you need to progress through, to make sure that your website qualifies to rank well in Google. The first of these is your Core Website Design. Websites are […]