Monthly Archives: March 2016

Question: Do I need SEO? We are frequently ask if SEO is essential for every website. The Question “Do I Need SEO?” is a question you need to ask yourself. Deeho Says: Many websites don’t actually need to rank first for high traffic search terms. For lots of businesses, just ranking for their business name & […]

Question: What is SEO? The question “What Is SEO?” is a question we surprisingly still get asked on a very regular basis. There are still plenty of website owners out there who aren’t familiar with the term. **UPDATED 24th March 2018** Deeho Says: The term SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization & is, […]

I Added New Content But My Rankings Dropped? Within a few days of adding new images to some of my pages along with some additional text, my rankings for those pages dropped 2 – 5 pages in Google. What’s the cause? I thought Google liked new content? Deeho Replies: In principle, yes, Google does like […]

Have I Been Penalised By Google? My search rankings dropped significantly last year and seem to have fallen off a cliff. How can I find out if I’ve been penalised by Google? Deeho Replies: Google penalties fall into two categories: There are many areas of your website that are filtered by google algorithms automatically without […]

Is It Good Practice To Switch To A Keyword Rich URL? We have an established website that uses our business name domain. We’ve had the website for over 12 years. I keep noticing competitors websites ranking above us that use a keyword rich URL instead of their Brand name and wanted to know if we […]