Monthly Archives: April 2016

SEO Question: What is Cross Linking? Can it work as an SEO Strategy? I keep reading about cross linking, but different sites define the term differently. What is cross linking & is it important? Deeho Says: Good question! Cross linking is not a particularly common SEO term. We tend to use either ‘internal linking’ or ‘outbound linking’ […]

SEO Question: Why Should I Add Outbound Links? I’ve been told I need to create outbound links from my site pages to rank better in Google. Why are outbound links important to my site? Surely they just let visitors leave and go elsewhere? Deeho Says: Sites with outbound, relevant, contextual links tend to rank higher than […]

SEO Question: What Is “Good Crawl-Able Design”? I recently received an email saying that my site wasn’t a good crawl-able design and that they could fix it for me. What is good crawl-able design and what do I need to do? Deeho Says: Crawl-able design is another term for being search engine friendly. There are many […]

SEO Question: Does Content Length Matter? I’ve been told that some of my blog posts are too short. How long should they be? Does content length really matter? Deeho Says: That age old question…. does size matter?! YES… of course it does. Think of it this way….. I could have answered your question by just says […]