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 3 Components That Make Your Site Work Online;


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  1. 175 Point Full Website Audit

    Sometimes, you need to take stock of where you are and with a website that’s not always easy. Our solution is a complete web health check. We run analysis of everything that is helping and/or hindering your search performance.

    Our web optimisation report will highlight what you need to be doing to attract more website traffic, what is good about your site and what is currently holding you back in SERP’s.

    Find out what is working and what isn’t…… request a totally free 175 point Website Audit

  2. Ask Us How To….?

    If you need assistance or advice with a website design, content or optimisation issue and can’t find the answer….. click here to get in touch…… we’re happy to help

  3. Website FAQ’s Database

    Many common SEO and Online Marketing questions are covered in our extensive frequently asked questions database that literally covers every question we have ever been asked about search engine optimization, website design, search engine best practice, what works & more importantly, what doesn’t, optimisation practices to avoid, search engine penalties, organic link building, social media, paid advertising, video, slideshows, conversion rate, selling online, and much more……. you can dive into our FAQ’s Here

  4. Who Are Deeho?

    We are a Bedford based SEO, Web Design & Development agency, focused on making websites that work.

    The “websites that work” part is in our opinion our USP because many web designers don’t finish what they have started.

    A good design is about so much more than just appearances. Your site needs to be fit to function in search and to turn visitors into enquiries. If it doesn’t do either of those vital things, it just doesn’t work like it could do.

    We can tell you why it doesn’t work & more importantly, we can show you how to fix it….. ask us how



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