Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter offer you the chance to get your message in front of massive volumes of people. You can target your audience using #’s which act as keyword search terms to organise topics across the Twittersphere.


Building Twitter Followers

The first step on your Twitter journey is to start to build your followers. It is important to focus your attention on following industry specific people.

In the same way that other social networks work, Twitter relies on you positioning yourself as an authority within your niche, with a following of interested people who will engage with your posts.

Twitter also relies on you engaging with your audience. Do NOT just adopt an attitude of transmitting without also connecting with your audience so that you build trust and connections with your Twitter community.

Once you have more than 2000 followers, your account will be treated as a more authoritative user & your tweets will appear in front of a larger audience.


# Tags (Hash Tags)

Twitter uses #searchterm to categorise tweets into topics. Different #tags ‘trend’ at different times and including a popular #tag in your tweet content will allow more people to find your tweet.

It’s always good practice to use one or two #tags to help users to find your tweets.

Twitter is a place to connect with likeminded people, comment of their ideas, thoughts and opinions and to add your own. It isn’t the place to hard sell.


How To Write Compelling Tweets

People engage with tweets that ask questions, create intrigue, arouse curiosity, propose something new, unknown, exclusive, etc.

Examples of tweets that will encourage engagement;


How to Get __________ in Half the Time

Ways to _________ on a Budget

How to _________ in 10 Seconds

Have a ________ You Can Be Proud Of

Finding Your Perfect _______

5 Ways to Boost Your __________ Without Spending More _______

Plan a Perfect _________

________ like a Movie Star

Get __________ Now

Now You Can Have More & Better _______ With less Effort

How ________ Will Impact __________ in [Year]

10 ________ Scams and How to Avoid Them

How Secure Are Your __________

Top 10 Scary __________ Facts

Could Your ________ be a ___________?

7 __________ Danger Signs

__________ Facts & Myths

________ Lessons For History

________ Lies and How to Spot them

The real Truth About _______

The Secret of Successful ________

________ Jobs You Can Do Yourself

_______ Like an Expert in 10 Easy Steps

Can’t Keep Up? 11 Ways To Simplify Your _________


Headlines like these, when combined with a relevant #tag or tags, and including a link to a relevant page of your website is an ideal tweet that will engage visitors, encourage people to click on the link in your tweet and read your main web content.

If your tweets don’t have a link to more information then they are never going to drive much traffic for you. Use to shorten your URL’s so you have more characters available for your compelling tweet.