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Here at Deeho we think a little differently to other SEO companies.

We know that long term top search engine rankings co-depend not only on your on-page and off-page SEO, but on your web design and content structure, design and layout, as well as your website’s ability to convert traffic and how visitors interact with your website.

These three elements; web design, search engine optimisation and visitor conversion are all linked together, so any missing or poorly implemented elements in any of these areas, will have a dramatic, negative influence on your Google SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions).

To position your business in front of large volumes of good quality organic traffic online you need to apply our….

3 Step Website Optimization Process:


Effective Design + Search Engine Optimization + Traffic Conversion = Targeted Enquiries & Sales


This process involves optimisation of your ‘on-page’ content (as well as design factors, navigation, server speed, bounce rate, etc.) followed by the optimisation of your off-page backlinking activities.

Combined, the structure and quality of your content, working hand in hand with the trust and authority provided by the backlinks pointing to your pages will drive you to the top of the search rankings.

Part three of the process is testing and monitoring to make sure that your newly found visitors convert into new business for you.

Why Deeho are Different

Uniquely, we are one of the few online marketing & SEO consultants who effectively combine these three crucial metrics (generating traffic, optimizing design and tracking visitor conversion) to create websites that generate new business automatically for business owners.

Many people just aren’t aware of the many different influences that can and will affect your website’s performance. The days of publish and forget are sadly long gone.

Today, a website is a constant work in progress; built to perform, fine tuned to adapt to the ever changing requirements of search and the web, and regularly supported with good quality, relevant backlinks from other highly respected resources that are valued and trusted online.

Google Ranking Secrets

Many website owners wrongly believe that the top results in search are dominated by sites that have an inside track, that know some secret that they aren’t privy to. This isn’t the case. Top Google rankings are available to anyone who’s prepared to apply the quality, trust & authority metrics that Google use to measure websites.

Each website in Google’s index is assessed for over 200 different metrics, many are quality based, others are reputation and popularity based.

To rank first for a competitive search term that lots of people use to find what they want, all you need to do is to present high quality content that is relevant to that term or phrase (so that Google considers it to be a topic focused page) and then to provide sufficient ‘popularity’ metrics to indicate that your page is the most popular page for that topic within your niche.

Popularity is measured by backlinks (other websites that link to you). The power, trust and authority that those links carry pass trust and authority to your content, boosting your SERPs.

The volume and quality of the links you will need depends upon your competition and the quality of the links pointing to their sites. Linking used to be about large volumes of links, but in recent years, Google has changed its emphasis to value, quality, relevance and trust over and above sheer numbers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) was, until a few years ago, all about backlinks and more was always better. Today, Google is a lot more refined and can accurately evaluate the links pointing to your site, assessing them for quality, relevance, trust & authority.

Additionally, Google employs several important quality metrics to the structure, build & performance of your website. This means that there are several quite easy ways to see your site dropped or demoted from Google SERPs.

Slow loading, code heavy websites, non mobile friendliness, high bounce rates, duplicate, low quality content & toxic backlinks amongst others are common faults we find with sites that are not appearing in search.

How healthy is your website? Does it tick all of Google’s requirements? Find out what’s holding your site back and it becomes straightforward to develop a strategy to move your site up Google listings until you reach the No.1 spot.

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