Web Design, SEO & Traffic Conversion

Most websites don’t work. Quite often they’re badly built and designed, attract little or no traffic and do little to actively convert any visitors they do receive into paying customers…… here at Deeho, we focus on building and optimizing websites to make them living, breathing, working assets for their owners…


There Are 4 Design & Structure Essentials Your Website Needs:


The following four elements work with each other, each co-dependent on the others. Any weakness in any one of these elements will impact your websites performance online:


1. Web Design That Works

Ugly websites don’t sell… sad, but true. If you want a website that makes you money, it needs to be visually appealing so that it makes a great first impression. You have less that one second to grab your visitors attention…. Don’t waste it!


Your website needs to encourage your visitors to click through to a second, third and fourth page, as well as containing compelling content that your users want to read… Is Your Web Design Fit For Purpose? Check It Here >>

2. Search Engine Friendly Construction

If your site doesn’t comply with the ever growing multitude of Google requirements necessary for top rankings, you will NEVER receive your share of organic, targeted traffic that you need and deserve…


Google uses a series of minimum requirements to filter low quality sites from its SERPs listings. It’s easy to accidentally trigger one of these filters, causing your site to drop or even disappear from the search listing results completely… Is Your Site Construction Being Penalised? Find Out Here >>

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO drives “free” organic search engine traffic to your site content pages, but only when you rank high in Google for competitive search terms and phrases. A steady supply of new visitors is essential for any site.


Targeted visitors, (the people who actively search for your goods and services), will convert into customers successfully. If you only attract ‘random’ non-targeted visitors, your conversion rate will be low, which is why it’s so important to target search terms and keyword phrases that will convert for your business… Is Your Web Site Optimized for Google Search? Review Your SEO Here >>

4. Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The last piece in the puzzle is to successfully convert your web traffic into customers.  There are many elements to optimizing your conversion rate and often, it will take experienced conversion rate experts to identify the issue or issues that are hurting your sales rate…. Do you know your conversion rate? Improve Your Rate of Conversion To Sale Here >>

175 Point SEO Audit

Before you can make your site perform at its maximum, you need to know everything about the current health and performance status of your content. We analyse over 175 different on-page and off-page elenemts of design, construction, SEO, search compatibility and W3C compliance.


Armed with a comprehensive health report, we can identify the areas of weakness that are currently holding back your site, harming your rankings and preventing you from attracting large volumes of targeted web traffic that will buy from you. Request Your Free Audit Here>>


Want to know why your site doesn’t rank in Google…. check out the reasons here

SEO & Web Design Essentials:

We combine world class design & construction strategies with marketing, search ranking and traffic generation processes, creating automated, online sales funnels that generate income 24/7….

Is Your Site Fit For Purpose?

These web design mistakes will cost you money…… read more here

Are You Trusted By Google As An Authority In Your Niche?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives trust & authority which both determine search rankings…. read more here

How To Convert Traffic Into New Business?

A well constructed sales funnel should convert visitors into enquiries and sales….. read more here

Responsive For Mobile

We build awesome responsive websites that focus on design, content and functionality as well as a great user experience across all devices…. read more here

How To Integrate Social Media

We specialise in integrating your social media accounts with your content so its all easy to share…. read more here

PPC Management

Most Adwords accounts are expensive and inefficient. We typically save over 40% in costs while increasing quality traffic that converts… more.

Our Portfolio

We provide three core services: websites that work, traffic generation through search engine optimization, paid advertising & social media and lastly, traffic conversion so that your visitors buy from you.

Although we build websites for all types of businesses, we specialise in design that works for Solicitors, Photographers, Hotels / Restaurants as well as eCommerce online shops.

Please click on the images below for more information, examples and case studies about each of our services.

Web Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Traffic Conversion

Marketing, Design & Conversion Tips & News

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Making YOUR Website Work For YOU

We apply website intelligence to each project we work on. Using cutting-edge integration technologies & strategies to make websites work, providing a positive return on investment (ROI)


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3 Step Website Optimisation Process:


Web Design + Search Engine Optimization + Traffic Conversion = Targeted Enquiries & Sales


Uniquely, we are one of the few online marketing & SEO consultants who effectively combine these three crucial metrics (generating traffic, design and visitor conversion) to create websites that generate new business automatically for business owners.


Many business owners aren’t aware of the many different influences that can and will affect your websites performance. The days of publish and forget are sadly long gone. Today, a website is a constant work in progress; built to perform, fine tuned to adapt to the ever changing requirements of Google and the web, and regularly supported with good quality, relevant links from other highly respected resourses that are valued and trusted online.


User Friendly Design


If your web design isn’t optimized for performance, you can carry out all the SEO and traffic conversion you can afford, but your site will forever be held back in search (Google) because slick, current, search engine friendly design and structure is an essential ingredient to get results.


The quality and influence of your design, layout and structure can have a huge effect on your sites performance. Poor coding, slow load speeds, and even your hosting all have the potential to kill organic traffic.


Common Design Elements That Affect Search Rankings:





Generating organic or PPC traffic is expensive, however you go about it, it will either cost you time, money or both. For this reason, its vital that you ensure that your site is fit for purpose before you start driving traffic to your content pages using search engine optimization, pay per click, social media etc.


Your SEO processes may well be 100% Google friendly, but if your site doesn’t have an effective traffic conversion structure that encourages users to contact you, make a purchase or request more information, you will be wasting your marketing budget.


Common SEO Elements That Affect Search Rankings:



Traffic Conversion


This is the part of the puzzle that many website owners either ignore or don’t understand. Driving targeted visitors to relevant pages of your website is of course important, but you then need to tell those visitors what to do next and make it easy and obvious for them to do it….. on all devices…… so they can move through your ‘sales funnel’ with confidence.


Converting your visitors from tyre kickers and window shoppers to the next step of your sales process doesn’t happen automatically. You need to make sure that you tell people what it is that you want them to do & more importantly, you need to make it easy for them to do it.


The more complex or obtuse your next step is, the larger the drop off will be. Each step of your sales process will show a drop in usage, in the same way, each additional field that you add to an email contact form will reduce usage, the simpler and faster you make your checkout, enquiry or information download process, the more people will complete it successfully.


Website traffic conversion is probably the least well understood area of website ownership. Many business owners wrongly believe that just having a presence online is enough to ensure success…… that couldn’t be further from the truth.


There are important lessons to be learn’t from the largest, most popular retailers online……. Amazon & eBay are superb examples of a slick, simple sales process that is easy to understand and fast to use.


Keep your sales / enquiry process as simple and straightforward as possible. You can soon double of treble your conversion rate by making a few simple layout and structural changes that cost nothing and will improve your profitability without the expense of doubling or trebling your search engine traffic.

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

- Richard Johnson -

Are you ready to make a start? Ask us how we can help…Contact Us