Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO isn’t a ‘dark art’…. it’s just maths

SEO is the process of increasing a websites online visibility in Google™ ‘free’, organic search results. The majority of people online use Google™ to find what they want….. so you can’t afford not to appear, can you?

For every different search term or phrase, Google™ provide a list of results of the sites and resources that it considers to be the most relevant and trustworthy.

Relevance is determined by the quality of your content. Trustworthiness (and Authority, which is closely related) are determined via the other websites that link to your content and how they do so.

SEO requires three core ingredients for your site pages to rank at or near the top for competitive search terms that have large volumes of targeted searches;

You need a great page of useful content, presented to meet Google™ performance, security & delivery expectations. Supported by trust and authority metrics passed via backlinks from other, relevant, trustworthy and authoritative websites & social proof from valid testimonials & reviews.

It is important to understand that Google isn’t looking to rank the best website for a specific search term – Google want to rank the best provider of that service or product.

This means you need to provide not just a great website, BUT, also the additional ranking signals that show your business is good at what it does.

Our comprehensive guide on ‘What is SEO?‘ explains the details.



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why SEO your website?

SEO Vital Ingredients

Great design – easy, fast and slick to use on any device

Traffic conversion – no point attracting visitors if they don’t convert into customers or enquiries.

Mobile friendliness – 50% – 85% of Google searches are on mobile phones.

Page Load SpeedFast sites rank well, slow ones don’t… end of.

Content qualitydo your users ‘engage’ with your content? What’s your bounce rate look like?

Keyword Density On Pagenatural language that includes the terms and phrases and covers a subject in enough detail to be considered an authority page on a specific subject.

Backlinks – the fuel that drives Google™ rankings in search. Every website has a trust, authority & relevance score based on the scores passed from the sites that link to it.

To rank first for competitive terms you need relevant, themed, highly trustworthy and authoritative websites to link to relevant pages of your content. Over time these links increase your rankings until you reach the top for relevant keywords and phrases.

Get Better Search Results in 3 Steps

  1. Create detailed, highly useful pages of good quality, well written and unique content
  2. Make it easy to share online across social media
  3. Repeat, then repeat, then repeat again & keep going.

How To Get Backlinks

The most important thing is that one really powerful, high authority, relevant link is much more beneficial than lots of lower quality, less powerful and irrelevant links.

If you have written great content that people want to share with their friends and contacts then the chances of attracting natural backlinks will be greatly enhanced.

Reputable websites don’t link to low quality content… why would they?



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How To Get Backlinks

  1. Wait for 100% natural links to be created by people who find and like your content enough to recommend you to their visitors……. Google™ expect you to do this, but be warned… you may have to wait a very long time to gain enough high power, authority links to propel you up Google™ SERPs.
  2. Proactively create relevant, high power, high trust, high authority backlinks to your content pages and take control of your own destiny.

Deeho SEO will manage this process for you, finding and building natural, organic backlinks that pass highly relevant trust and authority scores to your site.

Request a completely free SEO Audit today and find out what needs to be done to your site to get you in front of highly targeted traffic that is actively looking for your goods and services.

Knowing where to start fixing your website so that it works can be daunting. We offer a completely free initial consultation so we can find out what you want your website to do for you. We then run industry leading analytics to examine your website as well as your competitors sites (the ones that are already doing what you want your site to do for you.)

This SEO analytics process highlights everything that is good (and bad) about your site and from there we can develop a bespoke strategy to get you to where you want to be...... get started..... hit the 'Get in Touch' button and take control of your future