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You can boost your web traffic with real, targeted ‘organic’ visitors and generate free traffic by following these steps…

**UPDATED FOR 2022**

Are you struggling to build your website traffic, despite trying every tip, trick and technique you could find online?

Your visitor numbers just didn’t climb, regardless of what you tried doing?

And your website still isn’t earning you any money?

There is some good news…..

You don’t have to learn all about SEO, content copywriting, blogging or any of the other quality traffic generators you have tried so far.

What we’re about to show you is the only proven, long term traffic building process that will give you highly targeted web visitors that are actively looking for the goods and services that you are trying to sell online.

More targeted web views = more online sales and enquiries.

Why is Generating Quality Traffic So Difficult?

The main reason people fail trying to drive large quantities of new people to their website is that they don’t have a process, a system, a proven strategy that will deliver for them.

There is a ton of information online about getting more website visitors, but much of it is written by people trying to promote their own software, or traffic generation website so they can sell you the traffic.

There is a lot of nonsense online about how best to increase web traffic. REMEMBER: It is mostly conjecture, personal opinion and sometimes, educated guesswork. No one outside of Google knows the precise recipe that delivers top Google rankings and the large volumes of traffic that go with it.

Here at Deeho we test and refine our ranking process so we know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. Constant testing, measuring and development of our systems gives us the knowledge required to make a difference to your search engine rankings.

To get results you need a proactive difference maker on your side.

You could if you chose pay a multitude of different websites a whole load of cash for “Guaranteed web traffic” only to end in disappointment when the traffic either doesn’t materialise or doesn’t convert into a sale even if it does get as far as your website.

(Conversion of traffic is a different subject that you can read more about here)

It’s not as straight forward as it sometimes seems to buy website traffic.

You need a website traffic generator that will work in the months and years ahead.

Signing up to a load of “get traffic fast sites” is not a strategy, it’s clutching at straws, attempting a shortcut, not much better than falling for a get rich quick scam that fails to deliver.

Long term traffic generation demands a strategy designed to provide you with a constant flow of high quality traffic and website hits for years to come.

increase web traffic the easy way

So how do we drive our traffic, and traffic for our customers?

Using a long term, proven website traffic strategy.

We build great quality websites, with high quality content, and then increase the sites trust and authority so it becomes an ‘authority’ website within its business sector.

For Effective Website Promotion, there are several steps to follow;

1. On-page Optimization

If you are serious about creating long term traffic for your website, you need a website that is set up to work for you.

Most web designers don’t optimize the sites they build & non optimized sites don’t work in organic search, paid search or even in conjunction with social media marketing.

There are so many potential ways your site build can prevent you from ranking. You need to methodically go through all the critical elements of on page optimization to make 100% certain that your site is fit and able to rank well.

The good news is that you don’t need to know about SEO to do this, all you need to do it to have your site audited against all the on page criteria that matter……. and then fix or adapt any areas that are holding your site back.

In the same way as you don’t need to understand how a car works to drive it (although you do need to know what the gauges and dials mean, where to put the petrol and oil and when to call in a mechanic).

Read more about On-Page Optimization here for the nitty gritty detail.

2. Build Trust & Authority

The internet is powered by backlinks. Backlinks generate trust & authority and authority generates traffic. A backlink is a link from another website. For example, you sell sustainable wooden furniture. The company that supply your timber might very well link to you as a recommended supplier of furniture made using their materials.

In this instance, the link would be highly relevant, and if the timber suppliers website has any trust and authority, a percentage of that trust and authority will be passed to your site.

Over time, these backlinks add up and Google uses them to position you in their search results for keywords and phrases related to the content on your pages.

The sites with the most, high quality, relevant, and trustworthy backlinks rank highest.

Finding these links yourself can be time consuming if you don’t have the tools we use to find new link opportunities….. and there are some important considerations before you request a link…. read more about backlink building

Every backlink needs to meet strict criteria to count as a positive ‘vote’ towards your rankings. If you miss any of these critical factors when creating a backlink it has the potential to actually work to reduce your rankings instead of increasing traffic.

3. Ongoing Marketing & Promotion

Once you have a process in place to add new, relevant high quality links, you need to turn your attention to creating a new blog post (or web page of new information) on a regular basis.

Google likes to see a website that adds new info on a regular basis because it’s a good indicator for them that the site is current and up to date.

On its own, new content isn’t enough to build your traffic however.

Once you have created a new page or post, you need to share the new page across your social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Part of your new marketing strategy will be to build your social media account followers, so your followers can share, like, and review your pages and your business.

Social media is an increasingly valuable way of assessing the value and trust of your business and is only likely to become more so.

Increase Web Traffic Strategy

Optimize your website for load speed, keyword density, relevance and quality.

A site needs to load quickly on all devices, so everything needs to be compressed and optimized so that even a man on a mobile phone in a field in the middle of the countryside can see your page without losing interest before it’s loaded.

Too many or too few keywords on a page don’t help you to get to the top of Google. A good spread of naturally written content, that contains keywords and variations or the phrases that you want to ideally rank for will give you the best opportunities of doing do.

Each page needs to be relevant. Focused content, thatcovers a specific topic or subject in detail, offering useful, valuable content.

Quality is a loose term, but in a nut shell, quality content is text, pictures, video etc. that your visitors find useful. Google measures the time people spend reading your pages and if few find it good enough to stick around then you won’t rank well, or at least not for long.

We can manage as much or as little of this whole process as you need us to, from the initial site audit to highlight your sites shortcomings, on-page optimization and set up, through building backlinks for you and structuring your social media so that your website works with your social media to drive targeted visitors to your door.

Get started today…. request your free SEO audit;

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