Northampton Search Engine Optimization Services

Deeho work with many Northampton business owners to give them maximum website exposure online. This includes not only SEO, but PPC Adwords, Re-marketing & social media marketing as well.

It is vital today to have multiple sales verticals providing a variety of traffic streams to your web content. While Google organic search provides the opportunity for proactive website owners to leverage their marketing across the internet.

Search engine optimisation (optimization [US]) will deliver targeted organic traffic to relevant pages of your site. The most important element of your optimisation is that it is better to attract fewer highly focused visitors rather than larger volumes of unfocused traffic.

The primary reason for this is because untargeted traffic will not ‘engage’ with your content and user engagement is an important metric that is used by google to determine your ultimate rankings.

If one of your pages ranks well for a search term, but the traffic you then receive for that term doesn’t engage with your page content, you will drop in SERP’s because Google will conclude that your content isn’t an ideal result for that search term. This is the key to retaining good rankings. You need your search visitors to stay on your page, read your content and click through your site to second, third and fourth pages.

Optimizing websites for local Northampton search is a skill we have honed over many years of content and authority manipulation, to provide highly specific visitors for our customers.

Ask us how we can help you to attract more Northamptonshire web traffic to your website: