Northampton SEO Services

Deeho work with many Northampton business owners to give them maximum website exposure online. This includes not only SEO, but PPC Adwords, Re-marketing & social media marketing as well.

It is vital today to have multiple sales verticals as well as SEO, providing a variety of traffic streams to your web content.

While Google organic search SEO provides the opportunity for proactive website owners to leverage their marketing across the internet.

Search engine optimisation (optimization [US]) ( often referred to as SEO ) will deliver targeted organic traffic to relevant pages of your site. The most important element of your optimisation is that it is better to attract fewer highly focused visitors rather than larger volumes of unfocused traffic.

The primary reason for this is because untargeted traffic will not ‘engage’ with your content and user engagement is an important metric that is used by google to determine your ultimate rankings.

If one of your pages ranks well for a search term, but the traffic you then receive for that term doesn’t engage with your page content, you will drop in SERP’s because Google will conclude that your content isn’t an ideal result for that search term.

This is the key to retaining good SEO rankings. You need your search visitors to stay on your page, read your content and click through your site to second, third and fourth pages.

Optimizing websites for local Northampton SEO is a skill we have honed over many years of content and authority manipulation, to provide highly specific visitors for our customers.

What is SEO?

Optimising a website effectively involves three core activities;

  1. Website Health
  2. Website Popularity
  3. Visitor Engagement

Website Health

Google wants to rank high quality websites and uses a variety of different metrics to establish if your website is healthy enough to rank in SERPs.

A website needs to load quickly and efficiently on all devices, including mobile phones on 3G mobile networks.

If it loads slowly because images are too large or coding is too data heavy then it will take too long for potential customers to view your pages, so Google will stop offering your page as a search result in Google search.

Additionally, your site needs to be mobile friendly, so no matter how chubby the fingers are that are trying to select a menu option on a touch screen, your site will work perfectly.

Not all web designers understand all the necessary requirements for a site to be fit to rank…. we do.

Website Popularity

Once you are sure that your site is fighting fit and ready to rank, you enter the next phase of SEO.

You are ranking, but what determines whether you are in position #1 or #250?

The simple answer is popularity. Otherwise known as Trust & Authority.

Google look at how popular your site is online, how many other ‘relevant’ sites link to pages of your site. How trustworthy are those linking sites? How much authority do they pass to you?

Additionally, because Google is trying to measure the business behind your website, they assess your reviews, testimonials and online reputation.

If you have too many bad reviews compared with good reviews, (collected on Google+, Facebook,, Trustpilot etc.) then you will drop in the rankings. By comparison, if your business has a lot of positive feedback, with many people recommending your business on social media etc then you will rise in Googles organic SEO rankings.

Visitor Engagement

So, you have a healthy website, supported by a healthy, balanced backlink profile & endorsed by positive reviews and testimonials from happy, satisfied customers.

The next critical metric that will give you sustained organic search traffic is visitor engagement.

Search engines use visitor behaviour to measure the quality and usefulness of your page content.

If a visitor stays on your page, then visits another page, your site can be considered to be a ‘good’ result for a specific search query, whereas if many visitors hit the back button shortly after arriving on your page, you will soon drop for related searches as your content will be considered unsuitable for not only the term used, but for related terms too.

User engagement is an often misunderstood element of SEO.

However, with good quality content, well presented, you can keep your visitors engaged and send positive SEO signals back to Google that will keep you rankings in front of highly targeted visitors who are actively looking for your goods and services.

Ask us how our bespoke SEO services can help you to attract more Northamptonshire web traffic to your website: