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  • visitors are finding your website
  • no one is buying from you
  • enquiring about your services
  • your website doesn't convert
  • 2 reasons for not converting
  • targeting the wrong traffic
  • bad presentation of your offer
  • track visitor activity, events and goals
  • visitor acquisition and activities
  • which pages they view
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Traffic Conversion

Website traffic conversion is often ignored, but is possibly the most important part of the website optimisation process.

If your site doesn’t convert your visitors into either sales or enquiries, then you will forever be wasting your money buying traffic, writing content and collecting reviews, testimonials and shares across your social media.

Converting visitors is not just something that would be nice, it is essential.

Profitability = Optimised Traffic Conversion

Driving traffic, however you do it is a completely pointless exercise if you haven’t designed your site to process those visitors to maximise your profit.

Through a process of tracking, testing and measuring, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your sales funnel process.

A sales funnel is the route through your site, from the landing page you use to attract your prospects, through product pages, and ultimately to the purchase or enquiry process conversion.

We track this complete process sitewide, so we can see how your traffic interacts with your content. Where they arrive, where they leave, what pages convert and which ones don’t. We then amend your content so that more visitors result in a measured conversion.

Buying Traffic Costs Money = Converting Traffic Earns Money

There is a cost of acquisition for every visitor you attract to your site.

If you allow them to do what they want on your site, they will seldom do what you want them to do, i.e. convert into money. For example, if you provide too much information free, then they have no need to engage with you.

Instead, offer that information as a download and suddenly you will have the contact details for that visitor. Who is now in your ‘sales funnel’ process.

Traffic Conversion is a Science

Creating successful sales funnels is not easy, but we use tried and tested traffic conversion processes that deliver profits time after time for our clients.

Stop wasting money driving traffic that never buys from you and start on the road to creating a ruthless selling machine that will dramatically increase your profits.

We Are Web Traffic Conversion Consultants

Our experience allows us to deliver success. If you hve reached the point where you have traffic, but few if any sales then you need our conversion expertise to complete the circle for you.

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