What Is Conversion Rate? (CRO)

Web Traffic Conversion is often called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It is the process of streamlining your sales process to make your website fast, easy and usable.

Many website owners make their sites too complex, confusing or awkward to purchase from.

This leads to a high level of cart abandonment during their checkout process.

For each step of the process that your potential customer has to make, you will see a volume of abandoned carts.

The more steps in your process, the more people will fail to complete the checkout process.

Having a web presence is not enough to ensure online success.

If your website doesn’t convert your visitors into leads or sales then it doesn’t work.

Rather than being a sales driving tool, it is little more than an unwelcome expense.

Your conversion rate is measured as the percentage of visitors who spend money with you.

In many cases, improving the website conversion rate is not too difficult.

Many sites are hugely inefficient when it comes to converting prospects into paying customers.

Total Sales divided by Total Traffic = Conversion Rate Percentage

Each page of your website should have a function, a purpose, a reason for existing.

That reason should be to engage with sales prospects and to drive those prospects into taking action.

A call to action may be downloading information so that you can capture their contact details, contacting you via email or telephone, or making a direct eCommerce sale.

We implement conversion rate optimisation to your content pages to make sure that your site is structured so that visitors will follow your “Call to Action”.

This will ultimately increase your conversion rate by making a purchase from you.

Conversion Optimization

Website Traffic Conversion is a three step process;

1. Establish tracking for all goals and events within your website

2. Analyse website traffic behaviour

3. Amend content, test, measure and repeat

Making a website function effectively is just as important as driving traffic in the first place.

There is after all, very little purpose to investing in traffic generation if those visitors aren’t going to interact with your site.

Tracking Website Visitors

The ONLY way you can effectively make improvements to your website content and improve your sales rate and ROI (return on investment) is to test and measure how your visitors behave when they are viewing your pages.

1. First step is to be able to see how targeted your traffic is.

If your page has a high bounce rate, then your visitors aren’t finding what they are searching for.

Too many of them hit the back button in order to continue their search.

This can mean either of two things; either you are driving traffic via the wrong keywords, or your content isn’t engaging your visitors when they arrive.

We implement detailed traffic analysis tracking so we can see exactly how your visitors behave.

Detailed analysis of vital metrics that will allow us to dramatically increase your ROI.

Without being able to monitor how your visitors interact, you can’t make informed decisions about improving your content flow.

2. Installing detailed tracking of goals and events

This allows us to see what works and more importantly, what doesn’t within your website.

Goals and event tracking lets us see the end points for each visit.

This might be a sale, enquiry, click to call, download, video view, newsletter sign up or other interaction that we can monitor.

Once you have a comprehensive action tracking system in place you will be in a position to make informed decisions.

These allow you to improve your website’s conversion performance.

It is cost efficient to make sure that you site works properly by converting a viable proportion of your visitors into customers.

Only than should you start to drive large numbers of visitors to your pages.

This will stop you from wasting that investment and instead insure that you see a positive return.

Small changes to your website content can make a massive difference to your conversion rate and your profits…….

A few small changes can make a massive difference to your conversion rate…..

Let’s say your website gets 100 visitors per week, and you spend £100 on Adwords to get them to your website.

Currently, 1 in 10 of your 100 visitors buys from you, and your product costs £20.

So it is costing you £1 per visitor, or £10 per customer who buys from you.

If 10 customers spent £20 = £200 – your £100 acquisition cost = £100 profit.

At this point in a websites life, there are three options open to the website owner;

  1. Either you can get more customers
  2. Convert more visitors into customers.
  3. Or get each customer to spend more money.

Many website owners opt for option 1 and it might seem like the obvious thing to do, however;

If, 1000 visitors now come to the site, still costing £1 each, and 1 in 10 still buy for £20.

100 sales @ £20 = £2000 – £1000 Adwords cost = £1000 profit.

On the face of it, this looks quite good, the numbers are looking promising,………. but what if there was a better way?

Your current conversion rate is 1 in 10, that means that 9 in every 10 visitors are leaving your site without buying anything.

If 1 in 10 is already making a purchase, then you must be doing something right.

How hard can it be to improve your conversion rate to 2 in 10?

It’s often not a huge step to make, and usually is just a matter of including the right buying signals in the right places on your site.

Option two is to convert more visitors into Customers;

So lets go back to our example;

You still have 100 visitors per week, and you pay £1 each for them as before.

But now you convert 2 in 10 into a sale, which is 20 x £20 = £400 – £100 Adwords spend = £300 profit.

This is the time when a website owner could consider scaling up their advertising spend.

The site is starting to perform efficiently. (Note I said starting to perform, it is still a long way off being great!)

If you scale up this example, 1000 visitors @ £1 = £1000. You now have 200 sales £20 each = £4,000 – £1,000 Adwords spend = £3,000 profit.

What we have done here, is to double the conversion rate, but the effect is to treble your profits.

And this is all before we get into “up selling” and “cross selling”, but I’m guessing you are not ready for the advanced stuff just yet….

Most website owners don’t pay nearly enough attention to their website conversion rate as they should.

It is one area where they can make some quick improvements that will have an instant effect.

Think of it this way…… your conversion rate is the low hanging fruit that can be a quick win for you.

High quality traffic is further up in the tree, harder & most costly to reach.

You need your site to be ready to convert when that traffic arrives, otherwise you will waste money.

We work with our clients to make sure that they maximise use of the traffic that we deliver for them.

Whether it’s organic or PPC traffic, there is always a cost of acquisition.

Reducing that cost as much as possible by using the traffic effectively is just common sense.

What should you do to increase your Conversion Rate?

If you knew why your site wasn’t working properly, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Instead you would be implementing changes in order to make it work for you.

Most websites suffer from many of the same problems.

Quite often they are built without a purpose, a reason for existing.

Consequently they are populated with disjointed information that fails to get your message across to your potential clients.

Coupled with being disjointed, most sites also lack clear and decisive “calls to action”.

Website visitors need to see these, if they are going to take the action that you want them to take.

Throw in a large volume of non-targeted visitors, and your chances of making a sale reduce drastically.

Our highly trained Bedfordshire based optimization consultants can improve the quality of traffic you receive, increasing your targeted visitors and your conversion rate.

Think of it this way, every link on your page is an exit point, an opportunity for your visitor to go somewhere else.

If you have a message that you want to get across, but also provide many compelling, interesting looking links to follow then you can’t be surprised if your visitors actually follow them.

Calls To Exit

These links are ‘calls to action’ in reverse, a “Call to Exit”.

Instead of getting your visitors to do something you want them to do, you are offering them the chance to do something you don’t want them to do.

Think about the sites that you visit that sell well, and then compare those sites to yours?

If you look at the fundamental structure of a good selling site, you will see that the sales copy is very rarely interrupted by opportunities to leave.

Sales copy should begin by explaining the problem your visitors are having, then, you explain your solution to the visitors problem.

Follow that with social proof that you and your product can do what you claim.

Last but not least, you tell them how to get hold of the product.

Anything else will be detrimental to your conversion rate, and will just get in the way of your sales process.

A great many website owners try too hard to fit all their different offerings onto every page of their site.

This is a mistake, not wanting to miss an opportunity to cross sell to a prospect.

You should always try to simplify your offering so that your visitors know what you are selling and how they can buy it.

We believe in the acronym KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid.

Keyword Tracking

Since Google encrypted their keyword data in 2013 it has become harder to determine which keywords are the best converting terms and phrases to use.

Instead of seeing which search terms were used by visitors, you just have an ‘encrypted search’ report, grouping all keyword Google traffic together.

We have a technique of linking Google analytics with Google Webmaster Tools (Now called Google Search Console).

Additionally we then use a piece of software which reveals all the keyword traffic information for your website that google try to conceal.

This will let you determine the areas of your site that are working well for you.

Each of your pages should be focused on a few keywords.

By tracking each page of your site as a landing page through to conversion, you will be able to see which pages convert well for you.

From your SERPs ranking report you should have a good idea which pages rank well for which keywords.

If an inner page of your site ranks well for a term, and that page converts well then you can assign the traffic to those keywords or search terms.

Multivariate Split Testing – How to measure your Conversion Rate

To find out what content works for you, which headline performs the best, which call to action results in the most sales, we provide a multivariate testing process.

We create several different versions of your page copy including;

  • different page headings
  • several different calls to action

…. and then show each visitor to your site a different version.

After a sample volume of traffic has visited your site we will see a performance winner in terms of interaction and conversion, and can then use that content as the new page format to be shown to everyone.

Refining your sales process by testing your page content is a cost effective way of using your traffic effectively.

Depending on your niche, we will be driving considerable volumes of traffic to your site, so we need to make sure that your site can deal with the traffic and use it wisely.

This is what makes us different, we don’t just do SEO…….. we make websites work.

Most Websites Under Deliver

The sad fact is that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of great looking websites out there.

They often have great products or services for sale, but they are either not being found by potential customers, nor are not getting their message across effectively.

Doing nothing is easy, but of course, this time next year you will still be where you are now.

Taking steps to fix a broken website is straightforward, all you need to do is to agree an Online Marketing Strategy, and work towards it.

Developing an Online Marketing Strategy is easy, in fact, we do most of the work for you, analysing your niche, your sites potential, and the sites that currently occupy the top spots where we will position you.

As soon as you have a strategy in place, working towards your goals becomes much simpler.

SEO is all about mathematics, and with a properly developed strategy for your website, you will be able to see the numbers that matter.

For example, how many people currently search for products or services?

How much search engine optimization have your competitors done? What will it cost to get to the top? How long will it take you?

We will answer all these questions by carrying out a 175 point site audit, which will give you an overview of where you are and more importantly where you want to be……. request an SEO audit

Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the big advantages to selling online is that you can test, measure and track everything.

Or at least you should do.

It still amazes us how many site owners don’t use free tools to track their visitors into and across their websites.

If you don’t know where your visitors are coming from, and what they do when they get to your site, how are you going to be able to get more people to visit and then be able to effectively sell to them?

The single biggest advantage of the internet is the ability to test and measure.

It is said that 50% of your advertising budget will always be wasted…… but it is the wise man who knows which 50% it is! Free online tools exist that allow us to all be wise men.

You will be able to see at a glance how many visitors have come from which source, be it Google organic or Pay per Click, as well as via your social media such as facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as Yell, different directories etc.

Being successful is all about getting a return on your investment.

Once upon a time, starting a business was straight forward, you would put an advert in Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to ring. Times change.

Have you noticed how much smaller their book has become in recent years….. it turns out people have started to test and measure their advertising, and have reacted accordingly.

Old Versus New Marketing Strategy

Many people still employ “old world” marketing philosophies today.

Scattergun marketing with their advertising spend, in the hope of generating enough sales to make a profit.

The power of online sales allows you to cut out the waste.

You will soon see what advertising mediums drive quality traffic to you and which are a waste of time and money.

This has a knock on effect as you will soon save enough money by not advertising in unprofitable places.

Investing double your spend on your profitable revenue generating streams, and that’s when things start getting really interesting.

Testing and measuring your website’s conversion rate is one of the most important elements to successful website ownership.

Once you have the information in front of you, and you can see how well…. or poorly your site content performs.

… then you can begin the process of improving each part of your site.

Conversion rate success is a skill that can be learned like any other.

Take some time to monitor your site and you will soon see how easy it is to treble your profits.

We can help to make your site work efficiently for you, talk to one of our highly trained consultants, please contact us;

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