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Is Your Website Not Working? We don’t mean off line or showing an error, we mean generating no new business opportunities for you. Most websites do very little of benefit for their owners. In many instances their lack of performane is caused by just one or two issues. Google have over 200 ranking criteria that […]

How To Restart Your Business After COVID-19 Lockdown Covid Kickstart for your Business – There are many unknowns for a business owner looking to restart your business as lockdown from Coronavirus is lifted. Will… … existing suppliers still be in business? … your customers return to you? … we face a deep recession? … the […]

How To Build Your Business in a Post COVID-19 World It’s safe to say that at present, during Covid-19 lockdown, many business owners face an uncertain time. Some have managed to carry on trading, some have temporarily shut their doors and others, very sadly have closed for good. While we have seen a few industries […]

WordPress WP Off page Optimisation WP Off Page Optimisation refers to the SEO elements your page needs, but which are not on the page or site itself. These include, search engine optimisation backlinks (links from other high quality, related sites), social media activity, reviews and testimonials etc. Each of these attributes passes a “Trust & […]

How To Backup WordPress There is little point spending hours optimising your WordPress site, server and set up if you don’t protect your hard work with a proactive backup strategy. By running security plugins like the ones we suggest, you will be protecting your site against attack. However, you should automise your backup process so […]

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Please note: There is no point jumping to this section if you haven’t addressed and fixed the WordPress Performance Issues you can find here SEO will make no difference to your search engine rankings if you don’t make your WordPress website a lean, high performance, fighting machine first! On-Page WordPress SEO […]

Image Management Strategy Most business owners with websites (and sadly many web designers too) don’t understand the importance of image size when creating content on a website. Straight out of a camera, images are massive files. Great for printing, enlarging etc. but far too big and heavy for a website, which needs to be lean […]

How To Turbocharge WordPress Performance There are many areas of WordPress performance that all need to sing in tune if you are going to make your WordPress website work to its potential. “Working” means complying with all Googles requirements to rank in search and get found online. It means loading quickly on any device, being […]

How To Maintain WordPress Security Website security is important and WordPress Security has a set of challenges that it’s important to understand if you are going to keep your site safe and secure. The biggest security for any website is being hacked and there are various ways that this can occur; Logging in as a […]