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WordPress WP Off page Optimisation WP Off Page Optimisation refers to the SEO elements your page needs, but which are not on the page or site itself. These include, search engine optimisation backlinks (links from other high quality, related sites), social media activity, reviews and testimonials etc. Each of these attributes passes a “Trust & […]

How To Backup WordPress There is little point spending hours optimising your WordPress site, server and set up if you don’t protect your hard work with a proactive backup strategy. By running security plugins like the ones we suggest, you will be protecting your site against attack. However, you should automise your backup process so […]

Image Management Strategy Most business owners with websites (and sadly many web designers too) don’t understand the importance of image size when creating content on a website. Straight out of a camera, images are massive files. Great for printing, enlarging etc. but far too big and heavy for a website, which needs to be lean […]

How To Turbocharge WordPress Performance There are many areas of WordPress performance that all need to sing in tune if you are going to make your WordPress website work to its potential. “Working” means complying with all Googles requirements to rank in search and get found online. It means loading quickly on any device, being […]

How To Maintain WordPress Security Website security is important and WordPress Security has a set of challenges that it’s important to understand if you are going to keep your site safe and secure. The biggest security for any website is being hacked and there are various ways that this can occur; Logging in as a […]

Which WordPress Plugins Should You Use? Search Google for wordpress plugins and the options available are seemingly endless. However, not all plugins are created equal. Due to various security considerations, WordPress is becoming increasingly effective at policing unloved, uncared for and neglected plugins. Anyone can build a plugin to provide a specific functionality. Good people, […]

Do I Need a Child Theme? A WordPress Child-Theme is a valuable tool in your website arsenal. WordPress frequently update their core files, mostly to improve the battle against ongoing security issues. In response to WordPress Core Updates, plugin developers have to update their plugins too to ensure that they continue to work with the […]

Which WordPress Theme is Best? Themes and Plugins can all vary in size. Some WordPress Theme designers don’t consider the performance of their sites. They just create visually pleasing Themes with little thought for you or how you will want the Theme to perform. Knowing whether or not you are choosing a high performance Theme […]

WordPress Set Up Your WordPress set up will in many ways help to determine how successful your website is in the future. How WordPress Works Your Website is Built Like a Car: There are several important factors to consider before you begin to build your new website & you should ask whoever builds it for […]