How To Restart Your Business After COVID-19 Lockdown

Covid Kickstart for your Business – There are many unknowns for a business owner looking to restart your business as lockdown from Coronavirus is lifted.


… existing suppliers still be in business?

… your customers return to you?

… we face a deep recession?

… the economy recover back to normal in the next 12 – 18 months?

… we face massive unemployment?

Right now, no one can tell you for certain & many of these are beyond your control.

All we can do, is to proactively manage everything within our control, so that we can earn a living again, so that we have money in our pockets to spend with other businesses, supporting them……. who in turn can support others….. rebuilding the UK economy back to where it was and on to greater things.

There is no point nor purpose fretting about all the possible disasters and calamities that may happen down the road. We can’t control the big stuff.

You do however have huge influence over your own future. We can sit back and hope that life starts to return to “normal”….. OR, we can take charge of our own lives and map out what we want to achieve and then plan to deliver it.

CoronaVirus & Business Opportunity

Recovering from the CoronaVirus lockdown can be a big opportunity for many business owners.

It is astonishing to see that while the country was locked down, UK retail sales only dropped by 18%. Or, to put it another way, 82% of retails sales still happened, even with the high street shut!

While the headline figure may look shocking, it is far more amazing that 82% of product still got sold.

Some sections of retail fared better than others. For example, clothing saw a 50% decrease during lockdown. Not surprising when you look at the time of year and UK buying habits.

We buy clothes when we go away, go on holiday and are planning to attend events etc.

Locked down at home, not socialising or attending any parties, events, days out or having holidays, we don’t have the impetus to add to our wardrobes as we normally might.

But, 50% of clothing still sold….. a massive figure considering all our high street and shopping centre outlets were closed. Additionally, Next online (one of our larger online clothing retailers) was closed for most of the period too.

Amazon naturally saw a massive spike in sales during lockdown across the whole range of products.

Changing Shopping Habits

Our Shopping habits have changed. It has been claimed and suggested that the lockdown has accelerated the move towards online shopping by as much as 5 years.

One big unknown is how much online sales will retain their current traction and how much will return to the high street.

Bricks and mortar shops may well continue to struggle, with social distancing creating queues, slowing the whole shopping process and turning a trip to the shops into a tedious chore.

It is anticipated that some shoppers will return as soon as stores open their doors again, but consider the amount of people who have now tried shopping online and have been forced to get used to deliveries.

Opportunity Awaits with COVID Kickstart

For thousands of small and medium sized businesses, the time for online is now. As more of their customers have moved online, there has never been a better time to become their online shop of choice.

For every fan of Amazon, there is one just as Amazonphobic who wants to shop with smaller independents and we all know that we need to support our independent stores to help our economy.

Did you know that more than half of the goods sold on Amazon are sold by small independent British retailers? They use Amazon as a route to market because of their footfall…. it isn’t the enemy of the small independents that many people might think.

But, there are other equally successful routes to find customers online. It all depends on what you are selling, who you are targeting as a customer and the volume of sales you are looking for.

We Create COVID Kickstart Sales Strategies that WORK!

Need help to get started rebuilding after COVID-19? Not sure how to increase your sales? How to attract new customers?

There are only a few important steps that you need to implement and you too can be making profitable sales online.

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