SEO Training

We provide one to one and group (search engine optimization) SEO training.

Many business owners want to keep control of their online sales and marketing by using their own in house employees to run their SEO campaigns.

Our SEO training courses give you the knowledge and tools needed for your team to drive your website to the top of search for the keywords and search terms that will convert for you.


One To One SEO Training

Learn how to optimise your website with easy to follow tuition designed so you can learn in step by step format.

You will learn how to;

 How to Select the Best Keywords for Your Website

 Where to Apply Keywords On Your Pages

 How To Write Shareable Content

 How To Optimize Keyword Density

 How To Optimize Your Site For Traffic keywords

 How To Build Quality Backlinks

 How To Leverage Content Marketing

 How To Integrate Social Media Accounts


These SEO Skills will let you:

 Stay In Control Of Your Web Traffic

 Future Proof Your Website Against Google Updates

 Generate New Business From Your Own SEO Efforts

 Build an Authority Niche Website That Dominates Search 

 Reduce Your Marketing Costs & SEO Your Own Site

 Stay Connected to Our Team & Be Prepared For Future Google Updates That Might Affect Your Website Rankings


Group SEO Training

Our Group SEO Training Courses will give you everything our one to one courses offer, but are focused on training your team to be able to apply, monitor, update and manage your website SEO on an ongoing basis.

 Team Training that Delivers Results

 Split SEO Functions for Improved Continuity of Service

 Process Driven SEO your Team Members can Reproduce for Your Website


Our Group SEO Tutoring will Give You:

 An in house SEO Team

 An SEO Process for Your Website 

 Content Generation & Link Creation Strategies 

 Social Media Friendly Processes