Affordable SEO – That Works

Affordable SEO is not a mythical beast, you really can have a high quality, affordable SEO service that really works.

We all use the web on a daily basis to find everything that we need so today, who can afford not to be visible online?

How many times have you not found what you were looking for in the top ten search results in Google? How often do you ever get to the bottom of page one, let alone onto page 2 or 3?

SEO is the process of optimising your website so that Google loves it and ranks it high up for competitive search terms. See more about search engine optimization here

The higher you rank, the larger your share of all the searches that take place.

The biggest single advantage that the internet can offer a business is that when a search occurs, the searcher is actively looking for the goods or services that they are searching for. This is the ultimate direct marketing process.

Google quite often tweak and adjust the criteria that they use to rank websites, naking it even harder for business owners to stay ahead of those changes and to stay at the top of the search results.

One of the historic issues with SEO is that it can be expensive to do all the SEO you need to do to achieve top rankings. But it doesn’t need to be.

Learning SEO yourself can be done, but is a full time job and in reality you have better things to do with your time!

So you need to outsource your SEO to a company that will deliver for you in the long term.

SEO requires 3 core ingredients;

1. Great, unique website content

2. Trust & Authority via Backlinks from other Highly Trustworthy  sites

3. Reviews and testimonials to provide ‘social proof’ that your business can be trusted

Affordable SEO That Works

The whole point of SEO is to deliver new customers to your door, via either phone call enquiries, emails, visits to your bricks and mortar shop or direct online sales.

All this needs to happen at a price per sale that gives you a healthy profit.

If it costs you £1 to sell each £50 item, you will gladly spend all the £1’s you can muster so you can sell more £50 items. But, if it costs you £9 in SEO to sell a £10 item you won’t be in business long.

An interesting fact. L’Oreal annual advertising budget is $12 Billion. At the end of the year, after spending that collosal sum of money, they make £1 Billion in company profits.

On the face of it, their investment is far larger than the profit they make, but larger companies can get away with marketing strategies like this due to their size and scale.

For smaller businesses, one man bands, sole traders and the bulk of UK companies, they all need to be able to see a return on their investment.

Deeho provide affordable SEO. We organise your content so that Google will love it. Then, we create high quality, relevant backlinks that pass oodles of great trust and authority score on to your website and we make sure that your customers leave positive reviews about your company where Google can see them and measure them.

In short, we will make your website work for you with low cost SEO.


Pay per Click is an instant way to get relevant, targeted traffic to your website. For some companies it is a cost effective way to generate new business, but when you stop paying, your ads stop.

SEO on the other hand isn’t an instant driver of traffic. It takes a little while to build the trust and authority score that your site needs to rank well, but once it does, you can stop paying and keep the traffic. Most of our customers usually keep going however, to expand the range of keyword they want to rank for so they get even more traffic.

SEO isn’t a turnkey solution for instant traffic, there is an SEO process to follow.

There are 3 steps to Affordable SEO:

1. Optimize website so you present high quality content

2. Build high quality, relevant SEO backlinks to build Trust & Authority

3. Build online reviews & testimonials to provide social proof

Bespoke Low Cost SEO

At Deeho we create bespoke SEO strategies for each of our clients. After all, it depends on your goals and aspirations as to how much or little SEO you need.

We conduct a complete review of your competitors & identify suitable keywords that will convert for you. Next, we structure an SEO campaign to suit your budget and provide a healthy return on investment for you.

We then report monthly so you can see how we are getting on for you. This also allows us to see what is working and what areas need tweaking.

We will adapt and amend your affordable SEO strategy as your campaign proceeds. This gives you the best return possible and lets us attract the most, targeted traffic that we can for you.

Deeho design your content to convert. We then make sure that your website is structured to provide all the positive ranking signals that Google want to see.

Do you want to take your website to the next level? Do you want to start attracting a consistent stream of new enquiries?

We will make your website work for you with affordable SEO….. ask us for a completely free, no obligation  SEO review and quotation…

Deeho Work internationally with a variety of clients as well as offering Local SEO services for Bedford, Luton, LondonNorthampton, Milton Keynes, Hitchin & Cambridge