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Affordable, Reliable Website Hosting Services

Reliable Web Hosting is the backbone of your web presence. If your website is offline for any considerable time then your business will suffer. By using dedicated dual servers we can minimise your downtime as if we were to suffer a failure then your site will be published on a second server, hosted in a different location. This means that even in the even of a major issue to one of our server hubs, your website will continue to function as normal.

There are many Web Hosting companies offering cheap hosting, but how many of them are actually on the end of a phone to help you when you need it? We offer unrivaled service to our clients who are in turn confident that we deliver first class Hosting services at affordable prices.

We have two core hosting options;

1. Basic Web Hosting

– Ideal for website that need to be online and accessible, but do not require super fast page load speeds. If you don’t need to rank at the top of Google, but want a good value hosting solution with near 100%up time, this is the option for you.
2. Super Fast WordPress Optimized Web Hosting

– Google measures load speed for each web page. Slow websites rank lower in Google (in some cases, not at all). Many CMS platforms, Joomla, Druple, Magento, WordPress etc. can become heavy, slow loading old hectors when you add plugins and functionality to your design & layout.

Our super fast hosting is designed to deliver your content as fast as possible, regardless of the files sizes & plugins involved.

  • 5GB Server Storage
  • Shared Servers
  • 99.99% Up Time
  • UK Servers
  • European Servers
  • Server Monitoring*
  • CDN Options*
  • UK Phone/Email Support
  • 1-5 Email Accounts
  • WordPress Optimized
  • 2X Load Speeds
  • Class C IP Options*
  • Super Fast CDN
  • Security Protection
  • Weekly Data Backups
  • Basic Web Hosting Plan yearly plan
  • from £90 + vat
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  • SUPER FAST HOSTING PLAN monthly plan
  • from £29.99 + vat
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  • Dedicated Server Hosting monthly plan
  • from £179 + vat
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Many websites use unsuitable hosting, chosen on cost instead of performance. Your hosting is an essential element of your online presence.

Think “Location, Location, Location”.

You may have a fantastic house, but its on an undesirable street it’ll never realise its true value. Websites are the same!