Frequently Asked Questions Database:


Search Engine Optimization FAQs

What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Do I need SEO?

What Is Trust?

What is Authority?

Why Do I need Trust & Authority?

How Do I Increase My Trust & Authority?

Should I Hire Someone or Do My SEO Myself?

How Important Is It To Optimize My Web Site For Search Engines?

How does SEO work?

How much does SEO cost?

How often should I get an SEO audit?

Which Search Engine Gets The Most Traffic?

Should SEO Be Done In Stages?

What Are Crawlers / Search Engine Spiders?

How Do Search Engine Crawlers (Spiders) Work?

How Can SEO Help My Web Site?

How Should I Go About Optimizing Our Website?

Why Is Search Engine Traffic So Important?

Why Is Ranking So Important?

What Would Be A Good SEO Strategy?

Can I Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Just For a Short Time and Keep My Ranking In The Long-Term?

How Do I Keep a High Ranking In Search Engines?

How Does Google Determine Ranking Of Websites?

What Are Some Of The Factors Google’s Algorithm Looks For?

Can Google Understand Voice Searches?

How Long Does It Take For My Website To Be Listed In All Of The Search Engines?

Can’t I Just Put A Bunch Of Keywords In My Website’s Copy?

I’m Redesigning My Website, When Should I Start Thinking About Search Engines?

How Long Should it Take To Start Showing Up In Organic Search Results?

Is It Normal For Search Rankings To Fluctuate Daily?

Do Different Search Engines Need Different SEO Strategies?

How Is SEO Different From SEM?

Which Is The Most Used Search Engine?

What are SERPs?

Once You Begin Using SEO, How Long Until You See Improvement In Your Search Engine Placement?

Does The Length Of Time That a Site Or Domain Name Has Existed Play In Search Engine Placement?

We Are Planning To Relaunch Our Website With a New Design At The Same Domain Name. How Do We Get The Search Engines To Reassess Us For The New Site?

Which Is Preferable, A Keyword Rich URL Or A Brand URL?

Will Changing Our URL Or Domain Name Affect Our Search Engine Rankings?

How Can We Change URLs Without Losing The Traffic We’re Already Getting?

We Have Launched a New Version Of Our Website and Our Rankings Are Rising and Falling Daily. How Will We Know When Google Has Fully Indexed The New Site?

How Can We Tell How Much Progress Google Has Made In Indexing Our New Site?

I Have Two Websites That Mirror Each Other In Content But Utilize Different Keywords and Meta Tags. Will This Help My Chances For Ranking Or Hurt Them?

Does The Spider Bot Follow All Links On a Web Page?

What is Search Spam, or SEO Spam?

How Can I Report Spam In The Yahoo! and Google Results?

Why Is Ranking So Important?

Pages With Query Strings Don’t Rank As Well As Without Query Strings?

Why Aren’t All My Pages Being Indexed?

How Do I Check If My Site Is Search Engine Friendly?

What Is Long Tail Traffic?

What Are Top-Level Domains?

Will I Have To Start Again To SEO My Website?

When Will I Start Seeing Results Of SEO?

What Is PageRank?

How Can Google Tell If My Site is Considered To Be Low Quality?


Web Design FAQs

What Is Load Speed & Why Is It Important?

What Is Bounce Rate?

Is Hosting Important For SEO?

What Is Time on Site?

What Is W3C Compliance?

Is It Important To Be mobile Friendly?


On-Page SEO FAQs

Do You Care About Content?

What Do You Consider Quality Content?

Does Content Length Matter?

What Is “Good Crawl-Able Design”?

How Can I write Good Web Content For SEO But Not Sound Like I Am “Writing For Search Engines”?

What Is Search Engine Friendly Design?

How Many Words Should I Have On Each Page?

Should I Bold And/Or Italicize My Keyword Phrases In My Copy?

Can I Change The Font Size Of My Heading Tags (H1, H2) Without Affecting My SEO?

Should I Create A Blog For SEO Purposes?

Does Validation Help Your Ranking?

Why XML Sitemaps are important for SEO?

What Are Doorway Pages, And Should I Use Doorway Pages?

Should I use doorway pages in my SEO strategy?

How Can I Prevent Spiders From Indexing Specific URLs?

Is there a way to alert search engines that we have new content?

I just migrated my site to a new domain. When it comes to SEO, what should I pay attention to?

Why does my site need to load quickly?

How can I test my load speed?

How can I improve my load speed?

Vital Performance metrics:What is bounce rate?

How can I improve my bounce rate?

Why do I need people to stay on my site longer?

How can I make people stay on my site longer?

Why is being mobile friendly so important? How can I make my site mobile friendly?

Why Should I Add Outbound Links?

Choosing Keywords:

How Can I Find The Most Suitable Keywords For My Business?

How can I find the best Keyword Marketing Phrase for my website?

How many times should I use my Keyword Marketing Phrases in my website?

How Do I Determine Which Keywords To Target On My Website?

What kinds Of Keywords Can I Realistically Target?

Should I run Ads For Keywords I Organically Rank For?

Is There a Limit On How Many Keywords I Can Target Organically & For Paid Search?

Should I optimize my page for the singular or plural of my keyword?

Does the order of the keywords used in a search affect the search results?

How do I choose the right keywords?

What Keyword Tools Should I Use and How Do I Use Them?

Meta Tags:

What Are Meta Tags?

What Are Meta Descriptions?

What Is The Meta Description Tag?

What Are Meta Keywords?

What Is The Meta Keywords Tag?

What Are Meta Redirect Tags or Meta Refresh Tags?

How Important Are Meta Tags Now?

Using HTML Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization & Web Usability?

Do Search Engines Index ALT Text Descriptions For JPEG and Other Image Files?

Which Meta Tags Should I Use?

How Many Keywords Should I Put Into My <title> and <h1>..<h6> Tags?

How Long Should I Make My web page’s Title, Description, & Keywords Meta Tag?

Do search engines distinguish between keyword phrases and individual keywords in the meta keywords tag?

Should I duplicate words in similar phrases?

What is a Meta Description and what is its purpose in terms of SEO?

What is the meta keyword tag?

What are Meta Tags and how are they useful in SEO?

What is a Meta Title, and what is its role in SEO?

Should I add a robots follow meta tag to my pages?

Hosting/on-page Issues:

Does changing hosting affect my ranking?

Will switching server hosts affect my search engine rankings?

How do I get my files indexed by the search engines after a redesign where file names have changed?

Pages with query strings don’t rank as well as without query strings?

How can we minimize traffic loss after a domain name change?

On-Page Issues:

What is duplicate content?

Hidden Text/Hidden DIVs

What is “hidden text?”

Can I hide text in HTML to get a top ranking?

Can I use Flash in a way that won’t interfere with my SEO strategy?

Can I use a Frameset design and still attract attention from the search engines?

Is it true that using frames makes it harder for search engines to properly index my site?

Can search engines see password protected pages?

What happens if I use includes for my pages? Will the search engines still see them?

Can the search engines read javascript?

Why should I not launch an incomplete website?

Flash and SEOIs Ajax bad for SEO?

What Is Robots.txt?

How can I get Dynamic Pages recognized by the search engines?

I just changed from .html to .php. How can I switch without losing my rankings?

I just changed my domain name. How can I switch without losing my rankings?

Can a search engine index pages that are password protected?

What can I do about Internet copyright infringement or trademark infringement by another Webmaster?

Can plagiarism by another website hurt my rankings?

How do you send Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notifications to AOL, Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and the other major search engines?

Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?

Do outbound links help my rankings?

What is Cross Linking? Can it work as an SEO strategy?

File & Site Structure:

Do domain extensions matter?

Should I use subdomains or subfolders?

Should I use absolute or relative URLs for internal linking?

How should I split words in a URL?

Should I invest in exact-match domains?

Which is better for domain name and/or url: hyphen (-), underscore(_), or plus sign(+)?

Should I use relative links or absolute links?

Will too many hyphens in your domain name cause the search engines to label your site as spam?

Sites with .com rank higher then with <TLD here>Does the order of the keywords in a domain name/URL matter?

Should I buy numerous keyword rich domains?

Does my Filenames Structure have an effect on search engine optimization?

Can I Have more Than One Domain Name Pointing To My Website?

Are Keywords In Domain Names Important?

Does The Length Of A Domain Name Have Any Effect On SEO?

Is It Wise To Use Hyphens In Domain Names?

Can Google index dynamic URLs?

Do I need to make sure my files are not buried deeply in multiple directories on my server?

Optimizing Images:

How can I optimize images?

How can I make my graphics count toward my Keyword Marketing Phrase?

If I have an all graphical page, where can I place keyword phrases for the search engines?

Off-Page FAQs

What are Backlinks?

Why should I care about backlinks?

What are Inbound Links?

What is the importance of links in terms of SEO?

What is anchor text?

Why is linking important?

What is a quality link?

What is a nofollow link?

What about reciprocal links?

Are reciprocal links bad?

What are Reciprocal Links?

Are reciprocal links really less valuable than one way links?

Which is better for SEO: text links or graphical links?

Explain “link popularity” and how it helps exactly.What is Link Popularity?

Should linking be a part of my SEO campaign?

How do I find out what my link popularity is, and who is linking to my site?

How do I find out how many backlinks my site has?

Why are my Google backlink numbers so low compared to Yahoo! and MSN backlink counts?

How do I get a lot of backlinks to point to my site?

How can I get more backlinks?

What’s the Fastest Way to Generate Links?

What is link bait?

What are bad link neighbourhoods?

What is a link farm?

How can I automate the link building process?

Can I just buy links online?

Someone wants to pay me to place a link to his site on my site. Should I do this?

What is referrer spam?


Backlink Analysis:

Does using automated SEO software cause a website to be penalized?


Negative SEO:

What is negative SEO?

Can other websites damage my site with negative SEO?

I’ve heard I can get banned from Google for “bad” backlink building practices?

Traffic Conversion FAQs

What Is Conversion Rate?

How Can I Increase My Conversion Rate?

What Is User Engagement?

What Is website Dwell Rate?

Should You Use Google Analytics Or Other Reporting Software?

How Can I track My Site Performance?

What information Does Web Analytics Provide?

Should I Link Google Analytics With Google Webmaster Tools?

What Are Events?

How Do I Set Up Google Analytics Events?

What Are Analytics Goals?

How Can I Set Up Analytics Goals?

Social Media FAQs

Coming Soon…

Adwords FAQs

What Is Adwords Score?

How Do I Achieve 10/10 Adwords Scores?

How Can I Save Money On Adwords?

How Can I Reduce Wasted Clicks?

What Are Sitelinks & Do I need Them?

What Are Call Extensions?

How Can I Improve My PPC Campaign?

Why Does No One Buy From My Clicked Ads?

Can I Link Analytics Goals With Adwords Campaigns?

Should I run Ads For Keywords I Organically Rank For?


Google FAQs

What Do You Think of Google’s SEO Initiative?

How do you combat Google’s new initiative to stop the SEO benefits that link-building businesses bring?

Does traffic affect my ranking?

Why do my search results differ from my friend/colleague/wife/husband…?

How do I get my new site indexed?

When should I begin seeing improvements in my rankings?

how do I get star ratings and thumbnails in search results?

Does a Google +1 affect rankings?

Does Google index .co domain names?

What is Page Rank?

What is its importance in terms of my SEO strategy?

WordPress FAQs

What Makes WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

I’ve Heard That WordPress Is Search Engine Optimized (Out-Of-The-Box). Is That True?

I’ve Installed A WordPress SEO Plugin. That Means I Don’t Need An SEO Consultant, Right?

How Do I Choose The Best WordPress SEO Plugin For My Website?

How Do I choose A Good WordPress Hosting Solution?

Can Free WordPress Themes Hurt My SEO?

What’s better for SEO — Installing WordPress On A New Domain, Subdomain Or Subfolder?

Will Adding A Post To Many WordPress Categories Be Good For My SEO?

My Fancy New WordPress Theme Uses HTML5 And Multiple Instances Of H1 Tags Per Page. Is That Bad For SEO?

How Can I Improve My SEO With WordPress Widgets?

Deeho FAQs

Who Are Your References?

How Do You Measure Your Success?

What Are Your Tactics?

How does Deeho track SEO success?

Can You Make Me Number One In Google?

The Guy Down The Street Said He Could Guarantee First Page Ranking In Google… Can You?

I have Found a Blog With Disparaging Remarks About me / My Company… Can Deeho Help Me To Stop Them Fro Showing Up In Google?

Do You Ever Condone Using “Black” or “Grey” Hat SEO Strategies?

Are Web Analytics Included In Your Web Design Projects? If So, What Kinds?

Walk Me Step By Step Through Your Optimization Process? How involved Do I Need To Be?

What Do You Know About Local Search?

Can Deeho Help With Ongoing SEO Efforts, Tactics & Strategy?

Why Should I Choose A Local Bedford Search Engine Optimization Firm Like You?

I want my business to be on the first page of Google SERPs. Can you help?

Are you going to tell me I need to be Twittering or Tweeting or whatever?

How much can I expect to spend?

How long until I see the needle move?

There are 183,271 SEO firms. What makes Deeho unique?

Do You Sell Link-Building Services?

HELP I’ve Disappeared From Google?!

HELP I’ve never appeared in Google but I need to?

HELP My website gets lots of traffic but doesn’t sell anything!?

Do You Know Any Quick SEO Fixes?

Who Will Do the SEO on My Site?

Will You Go After Influential Websites in My Industry?

Is SEO Included In A Website Redesign?

Can You Help Me To Choose A Good Domain Name?