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Woocommerce is the ideal WordPress platform for selling products online. Infinately customisable, bespoke design and structuring giving whatever look and feel you need for your shop.

For a web shop to work it needs to load quickly and beautifully on any device, be simple to operate and quick and easy for customers to use.

The harder you make the shopping process online the less sales you will make. People want fast and simple online shopping. This is why Amazon works so well as a shopping process. The key to online success is to use the same strategies that the largest, most successful online stores use.

We understand the online sales process, what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work.

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Woocommerce Shopping

Selling online can be easy, but many website owners make it far more complicated than it needs to be. The acronym KISS ( keep it simple stupid) has never been more important than in the world of online sales.

The more complex you make your sales process, the less people will complete a sale. Abandoned shopping baskets are frustrating and more importantly expensive.

It costs money to find potential customers so it is critical that you leverage that investment by converting as many of those visitors as possible.

Woocommerce Shop Structure

Well presented products, organised so they can be found easily is of course the basic starting point. From there, adding upsells and cross sells is a logical way to maximise the sales value from each transaction.

One of the biggests obstacles to a sale online for smaller retailers is the requirement to set up an account before being able to complete their purchase.

This can be off putting for a significant percentage of your customers on their first sale. Many retailers insist on a customer account because they think it will build their customer database for the future. In practice most end up with less cutomers than they would have if they used ‘guest checkout’ as an option.

Guest checkout does depend on how you handle online payments. If you use Paypal, Apple pay, Google Pay etc you can send customers straight to the payment vendor to complete the transaction for you.

You will still receive the customers contact details for future marketing so you haven’t lost anything, but you will have gained a new cutomer from the process.

Simplicity is the secret to successful sales in volume online.

Deeho Make Online Shops that Work

We design and build simple as well as complex Woocommerce online shops. Whatever you need your shop to do, we can make it happen, subscriptions, customised products, personalisations, size and colour options, bookings for events, concerts, festivals, conferences, numbered ticketing, vouchers, virtual products, members areas, stock control, special offers, discount codes, the list of variations is almost endless.

We build online shops that work