SEO-Optimised, Readable, Compelling Web Copy

Getting your business found through effective SEO isn’t just about link strategy and PPC management – what you write on your web pages influences Google heavily too.

But forget the keyword-stuffing of yesteryear. Google has become very skilled at ranking web content on its closeness to how human beings naturally write when they write knowledgeably.

So if you write your web copy to try and “game” Google, rather than to be compelling and informative to your readers, it will:

  • Push you further down the search engine results
  • Destroy the clarity you need to persuade your visitors to a call to action
  • Antagonise your visitors and reduce the time they spend on your web pages

That’s not SEO. That’s suicide.

Benefits of Optimised Web Copy

Get your web copy right, however, and you’ll benefit from:

  • Visitors who stay on your site (rather than bouncing back to Google for another search and getting your search engine rankings penalised in the process!)
  • High levels of user engagement, as visitors like and share your quality content on social media (pushing you further up the search engine rankings)
  • Google-friendly authority rankings, based on uniqueness of content, quality of written text, external links to trusted resources, and content length and detail

But you’re a busy person, and SEO-optimised web copy takes time. Who’s going to get it off your desk, off your radar, and done?

Our Copywriting Services – and more!

We work with established copywriting experts Arrowmaker Communications. We trust them to deliver web copy that catches Google’s eye but also makes your customers sit up and listen. And keep listening.

And it’s not just copy for your main web pages, either. Arrowmaker delivers many other forms of sales and marketing content too, including;

  • case studies
  • blogs
  • white papers
  • byliners and op ed
  • video and animation scripts / production management
  • sales and corporate brochures
  • and much more…

And remember – just because it’s not HTML doesn’t mean it’s not adding SEO value to your site! Documents like PDFs and Word downloads that are stored on your site don’t escape Google’s notice either. These are interpreted as a sign that your site contains all-important helpful and authoritative content.

For more information on Arrowmaker Communications and their copywriting services, contact 0871 789 2743 /