WordPress Web Design Agency

Deeho are a WordPress (WP) Development Agency providing our unique set of proprietary Internet Marketing & Development skills to a limited volume of carefully selected clients. We are fortunate to be able to choose to work with only the most dynamic, growth driven entrepreneurs and business owners.

We work with proactive decision makers, who are looking to maximise their profit centres and leverage their online sales channels through our intensive process of website optimisation that is designed to extract maximum value from online activities.

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful site and don’t want anything other than low cost hosting then we are not the WordPress web design agency for you. There are plenty of cheap solutions available. We don’t do cheap, however, we do provide websites that work.

Most cheap as chips website suppliers have a range of upsells that you will almost certainly discover that you need as you build out your site. By the time you have completed the process you won’t have saved much money, but will have a site that doesn’t work or probably look like it should either.

Anyone Can Build a Website – Only a Few Can Make a Website Work

Without the help of an SEO Expert, no website will ever work online, will never reach its full selling potential online. The odds of anyone building a site and it naturally ticking all the boxes required for it to A/ rank well in search & B/ convert traffic into enquiries and sales is virtually nil. It can’t happen…. naturally.

There are over 200 elements of a web page, all of which need to be optimised for a set of predetermined search terms. From hosting quality and page load speed all the way through on page content optimisation to page trust score and relevance, it won’t happen for your site unless you invest in the skillset to make it happen for you.

Only highly skilled WordPress web design agency experts like Deeho can give you the very best site possible. There are very few effective shortcuts to making a site work. We have tried and tested then all so we could develop a proven, tried and tested formoula that works time after time.

Wordpress Web Design Company

Web Design in Wordpress accounts for a third of all the websites in the world. Standard Wordpress builds can be less than ideal for online performance however, which is why we are a custom Wordpress design company.

Wordpress uses Themes as the basis for design layouts. Many of these are code heavy and not designed with load speed in mind, resulting in slow, lazy sites. This makes it quite difficult to choose a theme, especially if you don't know what to look out for.

We minimise code in our Wordpress builds, creating streamlined, fast loading designs.

More about Wordpress Web Design can be found here

Wordpress SEO Consultants

Wordpress optimization is a science. Well, more of a mathematical challenge actually, whereby you need to balance over 200 ranking factors more efficiently than your competitors have, so you outrank them.

AS SEO specialists, focused on Wordpress, we have dedicated thousands of man hours into complex data analysis to determine which factors on a page have an influence over rankings and which ones don't. Google is constantly refining its ranking algorithm and we are continually responding to their changes to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

If you are serious about driving targeted web traffic to build your business you need a professional SEO Expert on your team.

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Three Core Elements Of Search Engine Optimisation..

That Make Any Website Work Online...


Step 1 Web Content

Web Design

To succeed online, you have to to provide tip top content. Original, useful and well organised. Quality information isn't enough in itself however, you also must make sure that your pages load quickly, on all devices, even on the slowest internet connection.

Your content needs to be formatted to be easy to read and navigate on the smallest screen as well as the largest.

Your visitors must 'engage' with your page content, stay on page or click through to more information if your pages are to 'send' the right signals back to Google™.

Over 200 SEO metrics govern the quality score of your website pages.


Step 2 Off-page backlinking

Search Engine Optimisation

Every page of every Google™ indexed website has a trust and authority score, inherited from the sites that link to its pages (Backlinks). Web pages are assigned a category based on the dominant category of your backlinks.

This means that not only must you have links from relevant content, but additionally, from relevant content that also passes relevant authority. This is a little known, 'hidden' search engine optimisation ranking factor that makes the difference between good rankings and top 3 competitive search term rankings.

If you are in a competitive niche and you're going to attract the large volumes of traffic that SEO & top 3 Google™ search rankings can give you, we have to optimize your off-page backlink profile for relevance.


Step 3 Social Proof & Business Trust

Social Proof

If you think about what Google™ search is aiming to provide, it is a list of the best plumbers, web designers etc. online. Not, the plumbers or web designers with the best websites.

It does this by measuring the company behind the website. Reviews, testimonials and online reputation allow Google™ to determines how trustworthy and reliable the company is and if it is 'safe' to recommend you.

Combined with your web site possessing all the "proper business" documentation you would expect to see; SSL Certificate, T & C's, GDPR Compliance, Cookies & Privacy policy, transparent business address, etc.


Woocommerce Developers

Woocommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for Wordpress. We build and optimise eCommerce shops that sell for you. Woocommerce is a highly flexible online shopping platform, highly scaleable to grow with your online shop.

Deeho build custom online stores to sell your goods online.

Wordpress Woocommerce offers you complete control over every element of your websites performance. Many other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify come with limited controls making them harder to optimise and control, limiting performance. They are wysiwyg 'drag and drop' technology meaning you can create a site that will look like a website, but it won't ever perform as well as you will want it to because of the inherent drawbacks of the site infrastructure.

Read more about WP eCommerce & Woocommerce .... click here

PPC Management & Paid Marketing

We manage Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients. Wasting money on PPC is very easy to do if you don't have your wits about you. We have a PPC process of track and tracing each click through to conversion to lead. This gives us the data we need to eliminate wasted spend in each campaign, increasing campaign performance and profitability.

Read more about pay per click advertising (PPC) here

Web Traffic Conversion

Driving traffic is an expensive proposition. Each visitor to your site costs you money, so you want as many as possible to convert into genuine enquiries and sales. We test and measure content performance, so we can see what people read on your site, how long they stay and what links they click on. We then refine their 'journey' through your site, removing each and every obstacle preventing them from making an enquiry or completing their purchase.

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Wordpress Hosting

If you get your wordpress hosting wrong your site will never perform. Your hosting server is like the engine in a car. The bigger and heavier the website (car), the bigger more powerful the engine (hosting server) you will need to push it along.

We combine light and nimble websites with fast, powerful and modern hosting servers, so the sites we build and host are fast on any device.

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SEO Audit

Deeho join all these components together so they work together in perfect harmony, giving you a full function Wordpress Website that works 24/7 as your online sales tool, generating new leads, business opportunities and sales for you on auto pilot.

We get to know you and learn about your business. This is why we can add value and drive difference through the aggregation of marginal gains across the 200 metrics that affect your websites performance.

Our process starts with a full detailed analysis and audit of your website:

Deeho SEO

  1. 175 Point Full Site SEO Audit

    Sometimes, you have to take stock of where you are and online that’s not always easy. Our solution is a complete SEO web health check. We run analysis of everything that is helping and/or hindering your search performance.

    Our search engine optimisation report will highlight what needs to be done to attract more website traffic, what is good about your current site and what is currently holding you back in SERP’s.

    Find out what is working and what isn’t…… request a totally free 175 point SEO Audit

  2. Ask Us How To….?

    If you need assistance or advice with your site design, content or a search engine optimisation ( SEO ) issue and can’t find the answer….. click here to get in touch…… we’re happy to help

  3. Online Marketing FAQ’s Database

    Many common SEO and Online Marketing questions are covered in our extensive frequently asked questions database that literally covers every question we have ever been asked about search engine optimization, web design, Google™ best practice, what works & more importantly, what doesn’t, optimisation practices to avoid, search engine penalties, organic link building, social media, paid advertising, video, slideshows, conversion rate, selling online, and much more……. you can dive into our FAQ’s Here

  4. Who Are Deeho?

    Deeho SEO Bedford based Search Engine Optimization, Web Design & Development agency, focused on making websites that work.

    The “websites that work” part is in our opinion our USP because many web designers don’t finish what they have started.

    A good design is about so much more than just appearances. A site needs to be fit to function in search and to turn visitors into enquiries. If it doesn’t do either of those vital things, it just doesn’t work like it could do.

    We can tell you why your web-site doesn’t work & more importantly, we can show you how to make it work….. ask us how