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 These Three Website Components Need To Work Together;


How To Rank First In Google For High Traffic Keywords

The key to making almost any website work online is for it to be found at or near the top of search engines for competitive, large volume search terms, this process is called search engine Optimization.

Many people think of optimisation in terms of adding relevant keywords to their pages of content, but it is much more involved that just on page keyword placement.

Optimization includes adding important phrases within the main ranking indicators on each page; page headings, meta description, h1, h2 & h3 headings, image alt text and of course within text content itself..... this is called 'on-page' optimisation and is very important, but it's only one part of a complex search engine optimization puzzle.

In isolation on-page optimisation alone isn't enough to deliver top SERP's for you.

If you want to create a website that is capable of earning the large volumes of highly targeted search traffic that is available, your site needs congruent On & Off Page  optimisation that optimises in the round, not just the elements for one area of your site.

There are several elements that all need to perform for you collectively to deliver No.1 ranking;

Each of these vital website elements is further broken down into details, but as an overview, each of these areas needs to meet 'Google expectations'.

The optimising process has been further complicated by the existence of minimum and maximum optimisation criteria.

Aim too low and you won't rank anywhere near the top ten, aim to high, try too hard and similarly you will be over optimized & won't rank either.

Top rankings requir the implementation of a joined up process including;

Website Design that complies with Google ranking criteria (including being compatible across all phones, tablets as well as computers & having a low bounce rate).

Fast, reliable Web Hosting & server control.

High quality content copywriting.

Captivating & engaging visuals and graphics.

High authority & trustworthy link building, mentions, shares and likes across social media, social proof via reviews and testimonials published where they will give you the biggest impact.

Google Adwords PPC management.

Any weaknesses in any of these areas, when compared with your competitors will reduce your position in search and lower the volume of traffic your site receives.

Deeho analyse your website as a whole, we review everything that has an impact on your rankings and then we amend all identified weaknesses.

This process increases your trust and authority metrics online, increasing your traffic & thus your call to action conversions, sales & enquiries.

If you don't already rank No.1 then there is a logical, mathematical reason.

Deeho will identify that reason or reasons and eliminate them, removing the shackles that are preventing your site from climbing up Googles listings.

If you are serious about improving your sites performance then Find out more with a no obligation Deeho website audit followed by a completely free, no obligation phone consultation & take the first steps to making your website work for you.

What Deeho Do...

  • Design & build fully integrated, responsive, mobile friendly Wordpress websites.

  • On-Page Optimization amending & editing "almost" any website to be Google friendly.

  • Copywriting & content creation to get your message across to your audience.

  • Implementation of Off-Page Optimisation (link building) to build site trust & authority online.

  • Tracking, analysis & web traffic conversion to maximise your sales conversion rate.

  • Set up & integration of social networking channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & G+ with your website.

  • eCommerce & payment solutions for large & small businesses.

... and if that isn't enough ..... We are also....

  • Wordpress optimization specialists, making fast loading, full functionality Wordpress sites.

  • Online Marketing Training providers, teaching everything that works to deliver targeted web traffic.

  • Google Adwords & PPC account management for budgets up to £50,000 / month.

  • Commercial photographers to display your products, business & services beautifully online.

  • Google Local & Maps optimisation consultants.

  • Inbound Marketing to get your message seen across the web.

  • Fast reliable & affordable Web Hosting providers.

  • Website Security Management taking regular file backups to protect your data.

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