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...that will make your website work for you

What We Do...

  • Design & build fully integrated, responsive, mobile friendly Wordpress websites.

  • On-Page SEO amending & editing "almost" any website to be Google friendly.

  • Copywriting & content creation to get your message across to your audience.

  • Implementation of Off-Page SEO (link building) to build site trust & authority online.

  • Tracking, analysis & web traffic conversion optimisation to maximise your sales conversion rate.

  • Set up & integration of social networking channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & G+ with your website.

  • eCommerce & payment solutions for large & small businesses.

... and if that isn't enough ..... We are also....

  • Wordpress optimization specialists, making fast loading, full functionality Wordpress sites.

  • SEO training providers, teaching everything that works to deliver top search engine rankings.

  • Google Adwords & PPC account management for budgets up to £50,000 / month.

  • Commercial photographers to display your products, business & services beautifully online.

  • Google Local & Maps optimisation consultants.

  • Inbound Marketing to get your message seen across the web.

  • Fast reliable & affordable Web Hosting providers.

  • Website Security Management taking regular file backups to protect your data.

What Is Your Website For?

A website needs a purpose, a reason for living. Millions of sites serve no useful function, can't be found online, fail to generate any new business for their owners and have little or no reason to exist.

Establish what you want your site to do for you & then we can begin the process of making it work 24/7, generating new sales leads with bespoke digital marketing strategies, converting sales with proven user engagement techniques and driving your bottom line.




what Google needs from you

What Google™ Needs From You

  • Good website health
  • Great content that users appreciate
  • High levels of 'Trust' & 'Authority'

In short, if your website isn't well constructed, clean coded, fast loading, virus free and compliant with unique, useful content that your visitors read, absorb & engage with, then you will struggle rank "anywhere" in Google™ SERPs index.

Assuming you have the above factors in place, how high in the list you rank will depend upon your trust & authority which are inherited through the backlinks & inbound marketing metrics from other websites that link to you. Without authoritative backlinks, you will struggle to rank well for the most competitive keywords that attract the most traffic.


Are Deeho Right For You?

  • Is your market big enough to drive enough volume traffic?
  • Is your competition weak enough for you to realistically outrank them?
  • Will this new traffic convert at a profitable rate?

Our SEO website audit covers over 175 different checks both on your site & inbound link profile as well as your competitors sites, keyword research, potential market analysis & your spare capacity for growth. If we find realistic opportunities for you, we will structure a bespoke optimisation strategy to deliver your goals..... Get Started, Request a No Obligation Website Audit


is optimisation right for you?


 Three Website Components That Work Together To Deliver New Targeted Business Leads & Sales;


Why A Website Doesn't Rank In Google™

If your website isn't generating sales leads & enquiries for you then it doesn't work!

There are potentially over 200 reasons why your site is struggling; html code errors, excessive 404's, slow load speed, poor bounce rate metrics, non relevant content, low quality online links and associations, over or under optimization, spam backlinks, keyword density, an overtly negative level of Brand chatter, lack or excess of on-page optimization, duplicate content, lack of trust or authority...... the list is extensive & working out exactly what is holding your site back is not something to be guessed or assumed.....

We apply maths and statistics to analyse every element of your website, producing a comprehensive health check which will reveal everything that is good and bad about your current website.

Once we are armed with all the facts and figures required, we can develop a bespoke road map & timeline for the work required to position your site in front of high volumes of quality web traffic.

Take the first step..... request a website health check today and find out how to fix your website....

Deeho SEO

  1. Ask Us A Question?

    If you are struggling with a web design, content or SEO problem and can’t find the answer….. click here to ask us a question…… we’re happy to help

  2. 175 Point Full Website Audit

    Sometimes, you need to take stock of where you are and with a website that’s not always easy. Our solution is a complete health check. We run analysis of everything that can help and/or hinder your search performance.

    This report will highlight what you need to be doing to attract more traffic, what is good about your site and what is currently holding you back in SERP’s.

    Find out what is working and what is holding your SEO back…… request a totally free 175 point Website Audit

  3. SEO FAQ’s Database

    Many common SEO and online marketing questions are covered in our extensive frequently asked questions database that literally covers everything question we have ever been asked about search engine optimization, web design, best practice, SEO practices to avoid, Google penalties, organic link building, social media, paid advertising, video, slideshows, conversion rate, selling online, and much more……. you can dive into our FAQ’s Here



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