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Search Engine Optimisation. Deeho SEO is a reputable, affordable SEO company based in Bedford, covering the whole UK. We will improve your websites Google search rankings for competitive search terms, driving focused traffic that will convert into new business opportunities.

We make websites work using search engine optimisation, effective web design and integrated social media activities, all joined together so that they work. From our Bedfordshire offices we will make your website easy for your potential clients to find online, driving targeted internet traffic to relevant pages of your site, that will be designed to convert your visitors into enquiries, sales and leads.

Is your website struggling to get found? Have you tried to make it work and not had much success? We can help....... read on.....

Three Core Elements Of Search Engine Optimisation..

That Make Any Website Work Online...

What is SEO?

SEO is an umbrella term that in broad terms covers everything you have to do to make a website find new customers online and convert them into paying customers.

You may well consider SEO to be a dark art, mysterious, confusing, expensive and even impossible.... but it is none of those things.... SEO is just a mathematical equation.

Three Main Criteria (subdivided admittedly into several hundred micro elements) control where each site will rank in Google™ for high traffic keywords & search terms.

Top ranking websites have certain common characteristics; Great design, full of useful, well constructed content that works quickly on all devices. This is backed up by backlinks from high quality, related & themed websites. Combined with reviews and testimonials that demonstrate that the business behind the website will deliver what they promise.


Step 1 Web Content

Web Design

To succeed online, you have to to provide tip top content. Original, useful and well organised. Quality information isn't enough in itself however, you also must make sure that your pages load quickly, on all devices, even on the slowest internet connection.

Your content needs to be formatted to be easy to read and navigate on the smallest screen as well as the largest.

Your visitors must 'engage' with your page content, stay on page or click through to more information if your pages are to 'send' the right signals back to Google™.

Over 200 SEO metrics govern the quality score of your website pages.


Step 2 Off-page backlinking

Search Engine Optimisation

Every page of every Google™ indexed website has a trust and authority score, inherited from the sites that link to its pages. Web pages are assigned a category based on the dominant category of each backlink category.

This means that not only must you have links from relevant content, but additionally, from relevant content that also passes relevant authority. This is a little known, 'hidden' search engine optimisation ranking factor that makes the difference between good rankings and top 3 competitive search term rankings.

If you are in a competitive niche and you are to attract the large volumes of traffic that SEO & top 3 Google™ search rankings can give you, we have to optimize your off-page backlink profile for relevance.


Step 3 Social Proof & Business Trust

Social Proof

If you think about what Google™ search is aiming to provide, it is a list of the best plumbers, web designers etc. online. Not, the plumbers or web designers with the best websites.

It does this by measuring the company behind the website. Reviews, testimonials and online reputation allow Google™ to determines how trustworthy and reliable the company is and if it is 'safe' to recommend you.

Combined with your web site possessing all the "proper business" documentation you would expect to see; SSL Certificate, T & C's, GDPR Compliance, Cookies & Privacy policy, transparent business address, etc.


Get Started With DeehoSEO

Here at Deeho, we manage the whole SEO process for you.

We specialise in building & optimizing WordPress websites. However, we’re more than happy to work on any existing web platform, to give you the online sales process you are looking for.

We analyse & optimize your content, website structure & existing sales process so it delivers for you. Next, we develop high quality content, formatted so that Google™ loves it.

We then create high authority search engine optimisation backlinks and point them to your sales pages. This boosts your search rankings across a range of keywords and search terms. These targeted terms will convert into new business for you.

At the same time we build your business authority online, increasing how search engines perceive your trustworthiness.

Together, these three activities will transform your online presence into a selling machine that gets found in search online. Your new, transformed site will engage your visitors and convert them in sales and enquiries.

The whole process begins with an search engine optimisation site audit. This will show you everything that is currently good and bad about your current website & what needs to be improved. We can then see what needs to be done to transform your existing site into a fully functioning sales funnel.

Deeho SEO

  1. 175 Point Full Site SEO Audit

    Sometimes, you have to take stock of where you are and online that’s not always easy. Our solution is a complete SEO web health check. We run analysis of everything that is helping and/or hindering your search performance.

    Our search engine optimisation report will highlight what needs to be done to attract more website traffic, what is good about your current site and what is currently holding you back in SERP’s.

    Find out what is working and what isn’t…… request a totally free 175 point SEO Audit

  2. Ask Us How To….?

    If you need assistance or advice with your site design, content or a search engine optimisation ( SEO ) issue and can’t find the answer….. click here to get in touch…… we’re happy to help

  3. Online Marketing FAQ’s Database

    Many common SEO and Online Marketing questions are covered in our extensive frequently asked questions database that literally covers every question we have ever been asked about search engine optimization, web design, Google™ best practice, what works & more importantly, what doesn’t, optimisation practices to avoid, search engine penalties, organic link building, social media, paid advertising, video, slideshows, conversion rate, selling online, and much more……. you can dive into our FAQ’s Here

  4. Who Are Deeho?

    Deeho SEO Bedford based Search Engine Optimization, Web Design & Development agency, focused on making websites that work.

    The “websites that work” part is in our opinion our USP because many web designers don’t finish what they have started.

    A good design is about so much more than just appearances. A site needs to be fit to function in search and to turn visitors into enquiries. If it doesn’t do either of those vital things, it just doesn’t work like it could do.

    We can tell you why your web-site doesn’t work & more importantly, we can show you how to make it work….. ask us how