Is It Wise To Buy High Quality Links?

Link building falls into two categories:

Free Link Building

  Paid Backlink Building

Free links then fall into two types;

Organic Links from real fans who are recommending your content

Zero cost links you create yourself

Paid links then fall into two types;

Direct Paid Links

Backlinks Created By SEO Companies

* There is a massive difference when you buy high quality links between them;

  • being on a page that has text related to buying links on it and
  • buying a link which is placed on a natural looking page which will benefit your Google rankings

Google don’t like paid links, people who buy them or sites that sell them, but conversely, they measure different types of links differently.

You will be penalised if you are clearly paying for a link on a page that has been identified as selling links that enhance Google listings.

If that backlink manipulates search engine rankings then you will soon incur a ranking drop which will be reflected by a drop in your organic traffic.

Natural links, embedded in relevant content on Google indexed pages offer a completely organic, undetectable solution.

Additionally, they will give you the rankings you need.

Intelligent Link Building

The key to boosting your search engine rankings in the long term is to build links intelligently.

Building free links is all well and good in principle, but it can be a long and drawn out process, especially if you are doing all the leg work yourself.

You found this page because the backlinks pointing to it are Google optimized, Google friendly & most importantly, powerful, authoritative links that influence rankings.

To rank at the top for very competitive search terms such as link building, only the best links work, that is why you can be confident that our links will help your site to get to the top of Google SERPs.

Many SEO companies have a large network of contacts who provide access to link opportunities that as a private individual you might never be able to make contact with.

In essence, if you use an SEO consultant to build links for you then you are buy high quality links, but from a professional link supplier.

As long as those links are built on websites that Google values and trusts, and that haven’t been flagged as belonging to a link network your site will benefit.



If you choose to buy high quality links, they need to have a specific set of criteria if they’re going to give you a benefit.

These criteria include;

Google Indexed Pages

No Network Affiliations

Different Class C IP Addresses

Relevant Page Categories (see categories below)

Relevant Page Content

Contextual Link Placement

Balanced Link Text Profile

Include Deep Linking

Include No Follow Attribute Links

Non Orphan Pages (Pages with backlinks)

In short, if you create a link on a page that is indexed in Google’s index, that has no relationship with any known or unknown link building networks, is hosted on a different Class C IP address to your other links, has a relevant link category as shown in the image below

majestic relevant link category

In the example above, a link from this domain will pass ‘Business’ Category to the sites it links to.

This is a quite general ‘top level’ category so can be beneficial for many different types of website link building.

If your website is ‘business’ related, this would be a good powerful link for you to request, or pay for if the opportunity exists.

Top Ranking Links

If you analyse the top ranking websites for your desired keyword or search term using you will notice that the majority have either a dominant link category driving their ranking relevance, or some strong links from a very related category.

Because of this link relevance, you need to obtain, (either free or ‘natural’ paid relevant category links).

You will soon identify the best categories to target by examining the page relevance of the links pointing to your high ranking competitors.

It is often the case that several categories will help to build your trust and citation flow metrics.

See Full List of Backlink Categories

If you are a commercial photographer, then links from the category ‘Arts / Photography’ will obviously be beneficial, but do will ‘Business’ related links, and several other categories.

As with all things, if you just create ‘Arts / Photography’ category, do-follow links then your site isn’t going to pass Google ‘natural’ test.

Your site will look over optimized and you will struggle to rank well.

How To Find Category Specific Links

Identifying high quality link opportunities that meet all of the requirements above can be a very time consuming and tedious process.

The first thing you need to do is to identify the most suitable link categories for your preferred links.

We have contacts who own sites classified in almost every category you can think of including the following which cover most requirements (Click on Category to see Sub-Categories);

Once you have analysed your competitors links and have a few link categories to pursue, you then need to identify link opportunities from links with those categories.

Again, this can be a time consuming process if you are starting from scratch.

It can be frustrating when you find a great link opportunity, only to never receive a reply from the webmaster!

There is always a balance required, firstly to build really good quality links and secondly to stay in Google good books by abiding by their strict terms of best practice.

Buy High Quality Links

We fill the gap between knowing what links you need and being able to find and build them.

We have an extensive range of Google friendly pages which carry all the major link categories, trust flow and citation flow.

Our link building is an SEO service, so while you will not buy high quality links in the true sense of the word by clicking on a “Buy a link here’ button, you still benefit from completely organic looking backlinks that tick all the boxes that Google looks for.

You get;

Google Friendly, Indexed Pages

Links Passing Category Specific Trust Flow

Links Passing Category Specific Citation Flow

Do Follow or No Follow Attributes

Contextual Links Surrounded By Relevant Content Text

Links From Different Class C IP Addresses

Pages with their own backlinks (Non Orphan)


Our Link Promise

No other SEO company offers a link building service like ours.

Without link categorisation you will NEVER rank first in Google for anything competitive.

Most SEO companies link creation services are out of date and just don’t work like they should.

We are very proud of the links we provide for our customers, so if you are looking for the best quality links, future proofed against Google updates, ask us how we can build links for you…