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Is Your Website Not Working? We don’t mean off line or showing an error, we mean generating no new business opportunities for you. Most websites do very little of benefit for their owners. In many instances their lack of performane is caused by just one or two issues. Google have over 200 ranking criteria that […]

How To Restart Your Business After COVID-19 Lockdown Covid Kickstart for your Business – There are many unknowns for a business owner looking to restart your business as lockdown from Coronavirus is lifted. Will… … existing suppliers still be in business? … your customers return to you? … we face a deep recession? … the […]

How To Build Your Business in a Post COVID-19 World It’s safe to say that at present, during Covid-19 lockdown, many business owners face an uncertain time. Some have managed to carry on trading, some have temporarily shut their doors and others, very sadly have closed for good. While we have seen a few industries […]

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Please note: There is no point jumping to this section if you haven’t addressed and fixed the WordPress Performance Issues you can find here SEO will make no difference to your search engine rankings if you don’t make your WordPress website a lean, high performance, fighting machine first! On-Page WordPress SEO […]

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2019 Can Be The Year You Finally Make Your Website Work For You Have you struggled in the past to make your website work? Do you get little or no organic search traffic? Do you pay to advertise without making sales? Are you tired of trying different online advertising without success? Have you wasted money […]

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Drive More Website Visitors You can boost your web traffic with real, targeted ‘organic’ visitors and generate free traffic by following these steps… **UPDATED FOR 2022** Are you struggling to build your website traffic, despite trying every tip, trick and technique you could find online? Your visitor numbers just didn’t climb, regardless of what you […]

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Don’t Build Your Own Website Until You Read This You Can…. But That Doesn’t Mean That You Should There are many reasons why attempting to build your own website is a false economy. Of course it does depend on what you want your website to do for you. Or maybe you are still of the […]

“Mobile First” To Turn The Internet Upside Down **Updated October 2019** Mobile first is due to launch during¬† 2017 so say Google. Subject to their testing going according to plan, they will start to prioritise their “Mobile First” Algorithm in preference to their traditional PC / Laptop based website rankings. Originally scheduled for early in […]

200 SEO Tips For Top 3 Google Rankings The following SEO tips cover every important element of your websites SEO that needs to be optimized if you are going to achieve top 3 rankings for your site: Know your final goals. What do you want your website to do for you? Do you need an […]

SEO Question:What Are Meta Tags? Hi, I need a definitive answer about which meta tags are important and which to avoid? Deeho Says: Behind every website, in the ‘Header’ section, live your meta tags. These are lines of code containing important data, that while not being visible on your page, are visible to search engines […]

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