2019 Can Be The Year You Finally Make Your Website Work For You

Have you struggled in the past to make your website work?

  • Do you get little or no organic search traffic?
  • Do you pay to advertise without making sales?
  • Are you tired of trying different online advertising without success?
  • Have you wasted money advertising online?
  • Have you had work done to improve your site without getting results?

You are not alone.

Sad truth is that most websites don’t work properly. They look to all intents and purposes as if they are doing everything correctly, but they don’t attract potential customers and they don’t create any enquiries or sales.

As a rule, the majority of web designers bash out new websites quickly and with as little effort as possible.

This means that while the site might look just as you want it to, it can struggle to perform online in the way that it needs to.

Many seemingly minor things are quite routinely ignored during a standard build, such as;

  • naming images for search
  • compressing images suitable for web use
  • on-page seo
  • load speed issues
  • content quality
  • content keyword density
  • mobile optimization

Google measures so many different metrics for your website, a weakness in any one of these areas will cause you to suffer in search results.

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The Bad News….

Why You Don’t Rank Well in Google SERPs

Google analyses how your visitors act and behave when they land on one of your pages.

There are several important factors that will boost your rankings and others that will reduce your rankings.

If a large percentage of your visitors don’t stay on your site, but instead hit the back button and ‘bounce‘ back to Google to look for another result then it would be reasonable to assume that your page isn’t relevant for the search used to find you…. so you drop in the rankings.

The ‘bounce rate’ for your site isn’t the only important visitor behaviour factor however, the click through rate (CTR) from your listing in SERPs to your page is also important.

A site with a high click through rate will outrank sites with lower CTR’s.

This is an important ‘relevance’ metric and shouldn’t be ignored.

The reasons why your visitors don’t ‘engage’ with your content can be varied. Our site audit will identify them so we can make the changes needed to make your site rank well.

What Makes Your Website No. 1 in Search

Google use a variety of factors to decide which website is ranked first, second, third etc for each search term.

These ranking factors include;

  • content quality
  • keyword density
  • backlink profile
  • click through rate
  • bounce rate
  • visitor engagement
  • over optimisation

To get to the top of Google’s listings…. and more importantly, to stay there, you need a proven strategy that first analyses all of the rankings metrics that affect your websites performance.

Armed with this information we then address the issues, errors and shortcomings that exist in your website.

Once we have removed all of the faults and rank inhibitors, you will see almost immediate improvements in your rankings.

The last piece in the jigsaw is to increase the trust and authority score for your website.

This score will ultimately drive your site to the top of Googles listings.

Let us show you how.

The Good News…. We Can Fix Your Website

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