Off-Page Optimisation

12Sep 2019

Major Google NoFollow 2.0 Update for Sept 2019 NoFollow 2.0: As of the 10th Sept 2019, Google have made a significant change to how they require webmasters to tag all backlinks. Prior to this date, backlinks either carried no tag or the “NoFollow” tag, to indicate that Google Bots should not either follow the link, […]

23Nov 2017

Full Category List For Back-Links Backlinks pass a dominant category on the the sites they link to. Each site earns their category via the categories of the sites that in turn link to them. The more, high trust score, category specific backlinks your site has, the higher your relevant category score will be. Additional Reading: […]

23May 2016
majestic relevant link category

Is It Wise To Buy High Quality Links? Backlinks are the main drivers behind search engine rankings. Working in conjunction with high quality content, backlinks (links from other relevant and high trust sites) count as votes of relevance and trust, contributing towards your websites ‘trust and authority’ score. Google ‘owns’ search and so we have […]

15Aug 2015
What are back-links?

Why Should I Care About Back-links? Back-links are the driving force behind search engine rankings. No matter how good your site and page quality might be considered to be, without high quality back-links you will struggle to rank at or near the top of search for any competitive terms or phrases. Think of the internet […]

19Jan 2015

20 Link Building Tips Download ** UPDATED FOR 2019* With everything that Google have been doing to modify their algorithm in recent months, link building is now as important, if not more so. The only real differences when building links to rank well in 2016 is the quality of the locations of your links, and […]

06Jul 2014

Building High Quality Links Building backlinks is a challenge that all webmasters need to do if they are going to generate organic traffic in volume. There are lots of SEO resources and tutorials online telling you what you need to do, but very few that actually tell you how to go about doing it! Before […]