20 Link Building Tips Download ** UPDATED FOR 2019*

With everything that Google have been doing to modify their algorithm in recent months, link building is now as important, if not more so.

The only real differences when building links to rank well in 2016 is the quality of the locations of your links, and the construction process when creating them.

If you get these two factors right then you will rank well.

We have put together a list of the top 20 most important linking techniques that you need to address if you are going to succeed.

It is important that you focus on quality above everything else when you are link building. Gone are the days when you can just create any old link on a page with some Google PageRank and see a benefit.

20 link building essentials

By default, Google has re-introduced negative SEO as a ranking metric, whereby not only do good links and neighbourhoods reward your site with a ranking boost, but bad neighbourhoods will actively harm your rankings.

The tricky part for you as a website owner, is not spotting the bad neighbourhoods today. (Just search for the page or domain in Google and if it isn’t there then consider it to be bad), but which sites, strategies and linking practices are google going to decide are harmful next?

Guest blogging used to be a good thing to do, and to a certain extent, it still is if the guest post isn’t on a site that is connected to a guest blogging network of any kind.

The issue for you is how do you guarantee that the site your guest post is on, will continue to remain a good site and not receive a penalty from Google itself?

When Google downgraded the influence of the majority of article directories, many SEO’s moved on to guest blogging to fill that gap. Guest blogging networks soon appeared and now Google has killed them as a means of creating quality links.

Get the best linking information for happy linking…..


Follow our step by step guidance on how you can create the best links to promote your website in Google and the other major search engines, Bing and Yahoo.


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