SEO Frequently Asked Questions

09May 2016
meta description tags

Question: What Is The Meta Description Tag? I’m building my first website. What is the meta description tag and is it important? Deeho Says: Within the header on each page are three core sections, the ‘page title’, the ‘meta description tag’ and the ‘meta keywords tag’. The page title is the text that appears at the […]

30Apr 2016

SEO Question: What is Cross Linking? Can it work as an SEO Strategy? I keep reading about cross linking, but different sites define the term differently. What is cross linking & is it important? Deeho Says: Good question! Cross linking is not a particularly common SEO term. We tend to use either ‘internal linking’ or ‘outbound linking’ […]

29Apr 2016

SEO Question: Why Should I Add Outbound Links? I’ve been told I need to create outbound links from my site pages to rank better in Google. Why are outbound links important to my site? Surely they just let visitors leave and go elsewhere? Deeho Says: Sites with outbound, relevant, contextual links tend to rank higher than […]

28Apr 2016

SEO Question: I just migrated my site to a new domain. When it comes to SEO, what should I pay attention to? We’ve recently changed our domain to better represent what we do. Since the change a few weeks ago, our traffic volumes have dropped off about 50%. What are we doing wrong and how do […]

28Apr 2016

SEO Question: How Can I Prevent Spiders From Indexing Specific URLs? I have some pages that I don’t want Google to include in their results. Is it possible to exclude certain pages so that Googlebot & other spiders don’t automatically grab them? Deeho Says: Quite often, you may not want to have all of your pages included in […]

18Apr 2016

SEO Question: What Are Doorway Pages, And Should I Use Doorway Pages?   I want to build a load of doorway pages to focus on a handfu of search terms that i don’t rank very well for. Will this help my SEO and can it backfire as a strategy?   Deeho Says:   If you […]

15Apr 2016

SEO Question: Should I Create A Blog For SEO Purposes?   I’ve been told that I need a blog because it will help with SEO. Is this true? Will a blog help?   Deeho Says:   This is a good question. The basic answer is that yes, having an integrated blog within your website will help […]

15Apr 2016

SEO Question: Can I Change The Font Size Of My Heading Tags (H1, H2) Without Affecting My SEO? I want to style my website differently, will it affect my SEO if I change the font size of my heading tags (H1, H2, etc)? Deeho Says: In theory, the font size that you use won’t affect your […]

15Apr 2016

SEO Question: Should I Bold And/Or Italicize My Keyword Phrases In My Copy? I’ve been told that if I use bold & italic to highlight important keywords in my text it will help my rankings. Is this true? Deeho Says: It certainly used to be the case that using bold, italics and underlines to highlight sections […]

13Apr 2016

SEO Question: What Is “Good Crawl-Able Design”? I recently received an email saying that my site wasn’t a good crawl-able design and that they could fix it for me. What is good crawl-able design and what do I need to do? Deeho Says: Crawl-able design is another term for being search engine friendly. There are many […]