SEO Question: Can I Change The Font Size Of My Heading Tags (H1, H2) Without Affecting My SEO?

I want to style my website differently, will it affect my SEO if I change the font size of my heading tags (H1, H2, etc)?

Deeho Says:

In theory, the font size that you use won’t affect your SEO in any way. If you go to extremes though it might have an effect.

The most important thing is to use 1 x H1 tag (which includes your main keyword or phrase), 1 x H2 tags (or more) & 1 x H3 tags (or more).

Your H2 and H3 tags can have variations or latent semantic associated phrases within them in preference to using the same exact match min keyword or term.

Font Size

In itself, the way you stye your webpage with font size isn’t relevant to GoogleBot and spiders. They will just look for the text contained within the <h1></h1> attribute and apply relevance to your page.

This gives you a lot of freedom to use the heading tags to style your site however you wish, but I suspect if you made your H1 96 pixels and your H2’s 3 pixels then you might run into problems.

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