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“Mobile First” To Turn The Internet Upside Down **Updated October 2019** Mobile first is due to launch during  2017 so say Google. Subject to their testing going according to plan, they will start to prioritise their “Mobile First” Algorithm in preference to their traditional PC / Laptop based website rankings. Originally scheduled for early in […]

200 SEO Tips For Top 3 Google Rankings The following SEO tips cover every important element of your websites SEO that needs to be optimized if you are going to achieve top 3 rankings for your site: Know your final goals. What do you want your website to do for you? Do you need an […]

What Is Google Penguin 4? Google uses a group of automated algorithms to filter all of the websites and pages it finds on the internet, removing many from it’s results, promoting others and maintaining a stubborn indifference to the remainder. Penguin 4 is the latest incantation of the infamous Penguin algorithm that measures, analyses and […]

How Does Google Work? This is a common question that we are asked, probably more than any other. Google uses a series of automated analysis and assessment formulas to review every page that it finds online. These are then classified as either being low quality and not to be included in Google’s Index, or of […]

Duplicate Content Algorithm Duplicate content is a big problem for Google, so they use an algorithm to compare your page content with the pages of every site that is in their index. If you have the same words in the same order as an older page they you are considered to have ‘scraped’ that content […]

Getting Found & Indexed By Google When you first publish a website, you need to get indexed in Google and other search engines. There are two ways to do this quickly, you can create a few links from quality websites that Google already likes, or you can add your website to Google Web Master Tools (WMT’s). […]

If Google hates your site, Request a Google audit today

Google Hates My Website….. HELP! Hate is a strong word….. but it certainly feels very personal when it seems like Google hates you! How can you make Google give your site the love it deserves? Problems ranking in Google fall into three categories; I used to rank, but have disappeared I have never ranked anywhere […]

Are Google Choosing To Ignore Paid Links? There is growing evidence that paid links penalties are not being applied to all sites uniformly. In fact, there are many instances of large, powerful sites, using ‘do-follow’ paid links to manipulate Google PR, improve their rankings and these websites are avoiding any penalties, regardless of the obvious […]

Google mobile friendly

Roll Out of New Google Mobile Update Algorithm As of the 21st April 2015, the Google mobile update algorithm began to roll out. Despite expected instant chaos and large movements in rankings, so far one day into the update, not much significant SERP’s movement has been detected. Google announced the release here stating that […]

Search Algorithm For Google Mobile Search **** Updates July 2019 **** Webmasters and SEO companies worldwide are awaiting Google mobile s forthcoming mobile SERP’s algorithm due on the 21st April 2015 with anticipation, fear, uncertainty, trepidation and curiousity. Currently, no one knows apart from Google mobile insiders (who are not saying much on the subject) […]

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