Getting Found & Indexed By Google

When you first publish a website, you need to get indexed in Google and other search engines. There are two ways to do this quickly, you can create a few links from quality websites that Google already likes, or you can add your website to Google Web Master Tools (WMT’s).

Some people are sceptical about adding their website to Google WMT’s because they think that they are giving google too much information about their website and that information will be used against them in search, however, to get to the top of search, you are going to build a high quality website & avoid using any practices that google will penalise you for, so you should have nothing to hide.

If you are looking for short cuts and some ‘Black Hat’ cheats to get your site to the top quickly, then you are in the wrong place. We only build high quality website, using SEO that will build long term, future proof traffic streams for their owners.


How Do I Know If My Website Is Indexed?

If you build some links, then within a week or so your website will appear when you search Google for “”. If Google reports no results for a search for your domain name, then you haven’t been indexed yet.

Google sometimes only visits pages that don’t change very often on a monthly basis & often even less frequently, so Googlebot may not find any new links that are created pointing to your pages for up to 6 weeks.

If you add your site to Google WMT’s along with an xml sitemap of your website then you can expect to be visited by Googlebot within a few hours or certainly a day or so.

If your WMTs account shows that you’ve been visited, but you still don’t appear for a search for your domain name then you have a quality issue that is stopping Google from including your site.

It is quite common for Google to only include some of your site pages. The more it includes, the more it trusts you and your content.


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