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We are Bedford web design specialists also covering, Cambridge, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Hitchin. If you are looking for a high performance website that will work for you as an online sales tool, read on….

Did You Know??

All websites are not created equal. A website needs to be easy to find, easy to use, and efficient at converting visitors into enquiries and sales….. over 90% of all websites fail to achieve at least one of these core requirements.

Backend website structure (the platform and structure your website is built on) is as important as your front end graphics. Many websites are not fit for purpose, have low quality coding and will always struggle to give you an ROI (Return On Investment).

Conversion is the process of an effective sales funnel. Without the implementation of proven conversion attributes, your website will fail to generate any new business for you.

Website Design Requirements

1. Quality

2. Trust

3. Authority

If your website design is going to succeed online, it needs to convey quality through every element including;


Build / Site Structure




User Engagement


If your website inadvertently provides any low quality signals, you will struggle to rank well, attract quality traffic or convert any leads & sales.

To sell online, your website needs to be ‘TRUSTED‘, not only by your potential customers, but just as importantly, you need to be trusted by search engines.

Google in particular is naturally untrusting, so your website needs to work to reassure Google (and the other major search engines) that you are a trustworthy site, deserving of their traffic.

Trust signals include;

Business Transparency

Policy Documentation



Off-page trust signals

Social Proof

If your business is transparent & open, clearly presenting its legal documentation as well as providing congruence between your business and your website, you will convey the metrics of trust that will trigger search engines to value your website more than your competitors.

Authority is closely related to trust and is the search engines way of measuring the business behind the website.

Just because you have a successful, highly regarded ‘bricks & mortar’ business, that doesn’t mean that your website will automatically convey the same signals of authority online.

Authority Website Signals Include;

Quality Off-Page Backlinks

Brand Popularity

Social Brand Engagement

Brand Search Volumes

User Engagement

Authority signals will ultimately determine how highly regarded you are by Google. The reason the biggest Brands (Amazon, eBay, Argos, John Lewis, etc.) tend to rank well online is because Google knows they can be trusted to provide a good level of services, products, etc.

Website Platforms

There are hundreds of different platforms that you can choose for your website. The choice that you make can have a huge effect on how your website performs.

We specialise in producing fully functioning, mobile & search engine friendly WordPress web sites. WordPress is hugely scaleable, with thousands or core layout templates and an infinite variety of functions plugins so your design can look exactly as you want, as well as doing everything that you need it to do.

For your web site to provide you with a regular stream of sales leads and inquiries it needs to meet the strict requirements of search engines like Google, who can provide large volumes of targeted traffic for you to sell to.

Your website build starts by choosing a Google friendly platform along with stable, fast reliable hosting. Once you have a platform, be it; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. and have your platform files installed on your hosting server, you can turn your attention to your graphic design itself.

While your website design is the front facing part of your site & is the visible part that people see, in itself, it is the pattern on the plate, rather than the plate. It is the plate that does the heavy lifting, not the pattern!

Your website design & graphics layout has several important functions however; to display your information clearly, quickly and to allow people to get where they want to go as easily as possible.

The key to success is to create a crisp, clean, easy to navigate website, while incorporating some funky design flair, graphics and visuals to appeal to your visitors.

In many instances, less is more when it comes to web design, it’s quite easy to keep adding more and more information to a page until it becomes too busy to work effectively.

Web Photography

Graphics and images make the difference between a professional looking site and far less impressive looking presentation. High quality photography, gives you the opportunity to show off your goods and services for all to see. An image tells a thousand words and large, well framed photographs will do more for your website than large blocks of text ever will.

It’s very important that while using large images, you take the time to use web efficient files types, .jpeg rather than .png which are much larger files and will slow down your load times. Equally important is to optimize your images by compressing them so that file sizes are as small as possible while image quality is maintained.

Take the time to have images for your website taken by a professional photographer for best results. An expert will allow you to show off your business to its best….. see more about our photography services

Web Design Essentials:


Fast Loading

 Unique, High Quality Content

Low Bounce Rate

W3C Compliant

Mobile Friendly

‘Natural’ Optimisation

Quality Neighbourhood Associations

Outbound Link References


Are You A Real Company?

Do Your Website Domain Records Match Company Details?

Published Policy Documents

Is Your Brand Talked About Online?

Are Your Products/Services Reviewed Online?

Online Reputation


Strong Brand Online

Social Media Influence

Off-Page Authority Signals

Positive User Engagement Indicators

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Visible Online Popularity

Your Website…

Are You Getting Found Online?

Do Visitors Value Your Content?

Is Your Content Shared Virally?

Does Your Website Convert Sales?

Are You Building A Contact List?

Off The Shelf Website Design Packages

 While no website concept ever really fits neatly into a package, these samples demonstrate what we can include into your website build.

All our sites are bespoke, designed to fit your requirements and to provide everything that you need to succeed online…. ask us how we can help you to succeed


  • Pages
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Blog Included
  • Content Management
  • Google Friendly
  • Social Integration
  • Available Secure Web Hosting Options
  • Email Addresses
  • UK Support
  • 1 Yr Standard Hosting
  • On-Page SEO
  • Social Automation

*Hosting Options

* We have several hosting options, depending on your website performance needs…… see our hosting options for more details

If you are looking for a new site that will work for you as a 24/7 online sales tool, generating new sales & enquiries for your business, you need to make certain that you choose the best foundation to build your success upon. Not all websites are the same. we have a proven record in delivering results for our clients….

As an experienced agency providing specialist Bedford Web Design,  we cover not only the local area, but also; Hitchin, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Hitchin, etc.

Additionally, we also have clients nationwide across the UK who choose Deeho as their website development consultants because we specialise in making their websites work for them.