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Deeho are WordPress specialists. We create WordPress web design Bedford business owners love. As WordPress website design specialists, we focus on building fully optimised, wordpress websites that work online for their owners.

To work for you as it should, your wordpress site needs to meet a list of increasingly strict criteria including;

  • Mobile Friendliness (Responsive)
  • Google Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • High Quality Content
  • Website Structure / Content Management System
  • Proven Sales Funnel to Convert Visitors

Making WordPress Work

Google rules out low quality websites and excludes them from even ranking. Slow loading, duplicate or thin content, non mobile friendly are all easy to measure and instant delisting triggers for Google.

If your site meets those criteria, is mobile friendly, fast loading (on mobile device on a 3G connection), has quality, relevant & original content then your pages should rank somewhere in Google listings.

Where depends on a secondary list of factors; user engagement, trust and authority score, as well as quality of reviews and testimonials.

Google is attempting to measure not just your website, but the business behind the site. To do this, Google looks at how real people interact with your site (and business). Do you have good reviews (on review sites it trusts; Facebook, Google Business, Trustpilot etc.).

Do you have other, high quality, relevant sites linking to you (in the right way) & do your visitors ‘engage’ with your content, stay on your pages, click through to second page etc.

Left to its own devices, unoptimised, WordPress (like most web platforms) can be a heavy, cumbersome old hector, using excess unnecessary code, loading slowly and not being Google friendly.

As WordPress Specialists, we understand the details, what works and what doesn’t. We tweak and optimise over 200 different elements of each site to make it a mean, lean, ranking machine that Google will love and rank well for competitive searches.

Web Design & Functionality

There are two main elements to a good WordPress web design; how your design looks and what it can do for you. These go hand in hand.

An efficient design will work as a 24/7 sales tool, helping you to build your business, but the design alone won’t deliver that for you.

However, once your website is combined with powerful SEO & proven Traffic Conversion the results will astound you.

Designers fall into two camps, the arty ones and the business ones. The difference is that the artsy ones only tend to deliver on design appearances, whereas, with a business approach, you get an amazing looking site with a ruthlessly efficient backend that is designed to sell for you.


web design example


Deeho WordPress Design Packages

While no design ever really fits neatly into a package, these website pricelist samples demonstrate what we can include on your new site.

All our WordPress sites are bespoke, built to fit your requirements and to provide everything needed to succeed online…. ask us how we can help you to succeed

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