WordPress Web Design Specialists

Web design is about much more than just outward appearances. (Although obviously looks are important too!)

Your website may look great, but looks can be deceptive.

The structure, coding & chassis behind your website is as important, if not more so than the graphics, text and content that makes it look good.

Google use algorithms to either include or omit websites from their all powerful index.

If your web design fails to meet Google’s minimum requirement, you won’t even appear for basic searches for your URL, let alone your Brand name or Company name.

The chances of ranking for any high traffic keywords related to your products or services will be next to non-existent.

Google measure how fast websites load.

Because Google’s focus is on mobile devices, data heavy sites with un-optimized images & code will fall at the first hurdle, disappearing into obscurity forever.

Additionally, Google assess each site for Mobile compatibility.

Being mobile friendly means that your site serves stripped down content for users on phones and tablets.

Mobile friendly sites use a ‘hamburger’ dropdown menu, and content that doesn’t need to be zoomed to read.

Another mobile friendly requirement is that links need to be well spaced.

Even on the smallest screen, with the chubbiest fingers, visitors need to be able to select on link at a time with ease.

WordPress Experts

We focus our attention on designing & building WordPress sites that out perform online.

Left to it’s own devices, WordPress can be a lumbering old hector, loading slowly, formatted to irritate Google and perform badly in SERPs.

There are however a whole load of tweaks and coding amendments that we apply to the WordPress backend to streamline how the platform works in the real world.

Correctly applied, your WordPress website can have the performance of a Ferrari rather than a London Taxi & it will need that performance if you are going to compete for new business in search.

WordPress Functionality

One of the major advantages of using the WordPress platform is that it is infinitely customisable. We can add whatever functionality you need, so that your site can do all the heavy lifting for you, working effectively to enhance your business online.

WordPress Optimization

Optimizing WordPress involves far more than just SEO. It is essential to address the many backend issues that will work against you if you ignore them.

In standard form, WordPress won’t compress your images, or load quickly. Many WordPress themes won’t automatically render a Google friendly mobile version.

WordPress naturally tends to load too much code in the header, which then needs to be downloaded before the page can be shown to your visitors.

This is a huge problem if you don’t fix it. But the good news is that it’s not a massive issue to defer the loading of unnecessary Java Scripts so your page can load quickly.

The amount of DNS requests needed to download all of the content on your page, will determine the speed of your site. The fewer individual server requests the better & we will combine and compress as much of your data as possible so that your site can load quickly on any device, PC, Laptop, tablet or mobile, regardless of the download speed limitations they have.

We address all of these issues, so your new WordPress site will be fast and search engine compatible straight out of the box.

Find out more about Optimizing WordPress

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google are supporting AMP protocol, whereby your page content is stripped out (without converting to full mobile screen size format).

The result of AMP is a basic web page, with reduced functionality, but much faster load speed.

Web Design & Website Health

The first most important criteria is to make 100% certain that each and every website that we create is fit and health so it can perform online.

Many web designers are great at graphics, but fail to address all of the necessary behind the scenes requirements that will either make or break your success online.

We think differently.

As SEO experts, we understand what makes a website perform in search and even more importantly, what makes a visitor convert into a customer.

Joined up thinking makes websites work.

Google & Mobile Functionality

Google have announced that during 2017 they will prioritise their Mobile ranking algorithm ahead of their traditional PC based algorithm.

This means that it will be the mobile version of each website that gets assessed for its suitability to rank rather than it’s PC version.

The implications are huge.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you will struggle to rank for even your URL.

This means that even people who know your business already will struggle to find you.

If they can’t find you, they will use a competitor instead.

That’s why this change in Google’s ranking process is going to affect so many businesses.

Read more about Google Mobile Algorithm Changes Here

Good Web Design Requirements

1. Quality

2. Trust

3. Authority

The choice that you make will have a huge effect on how your website performs.

We specialise in producing fully functioning, mobile & search engine friendly WordPress web sites.

We use WordPress because it is hugely scaleable, with thousands or core layout templates and an infinite variety of functionality.


Website design is the front facing part of your site. The visible part that people see.

In itself, it is the pattern on the plate, rather than the plate. It is the plate that does the heavy lifting, not the pattern!

Your website design & graphics layout has several important functions however; to display your information clearly, quickly and to allow people to get where they want to go as easily as possible.

The key to success is to create a crisp, clean, easy to navigate website.

While incorporating some funky design flair, graphics and visuals to appeal to your visitors.

In many instances, less is more when it comes to web design.

It’s quite easy to keep adding more and more information to a page until it becomes too busy to work effectively.

We help you to develop your website so that it not only looks amazing, but works for you to.

Searchable on all devices, fast to load even on the slowest networks and meeting all of Googles growing list of requirements.

Deeho Website Packages

While no website concept ever really fits neatly into a package, these samples demonstrate what we can include into your website build.

All our sites are bespoke, designed to fit your requirements and to provide everything that you need to succeed online…. ask us how we can help you to succeed



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If you are looking for a new site that will work for you as a 24/7 online sales tool, generating new sales & enquiries for your business, you need to make certain that you choose the best foundation to build your success upon. Not all websites are the same. we have a proven record in delivering results for our clients....

As an experienced agency providing specialist Bedford Web Design,  we cover not only the local area, but also; Hitchin, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, Hitchin, etc.

Additionally, we also have clients nationwide across the UK who choose Deeho as their website development consultants because we specialise in making their websites work for them.