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Search Engine Optimization in Luton

Luton is a large Bedfordshire town with a growing population of over 280,000 residents making it a vibrant, growing business hub. Many local businesses look to SEO experts DeehoSEO to promote and market their business services, products, shops & offices online, giving them increased exposure to market.


With many years of experience, We are able to provide the deep understanding of search engine optimisation that local business needs to succeed online.

Website design is an integral element of SEO and without the implementation of Google friendly design and web development your site will never have the opportunity to perfrom in SERPs.

Google use a series of filters to identify all sites that don’t meet their minimum requirements. These requirements include; load speed, page optimization, keyword balance, backlink profile naturalisation, mobile device compatability, duplicate content, under optimisation as well as over optimisation.

If your site triggers any one of these core filters then you will not rank and will be dropped from Google’s listings.

The first step of the optimization process is to ensure compatibility and compliance and this is achieved by conducting a website audit which is like a health check.

You Will Never Get Where You Want To Go If You Don’t Know Where You Are

Once we have conducted a 175 point audit (which is free by the way) we can then provide you with a strategy and schedule for the implementation of everything necessary for you to outrank your competitors in search.

On-page optimization is the process of preparing your site so that it is fit to rank well, off-page optimisation is the process of building your sites trust and authority metrics by building backlinks from high quality sources so that your site becomes the most powerful and dominant result for Google to offer across a range of relevant and targeted search terms.

We can drive highly focused traffic to your website. Traffic that is actively looking for your goods and services & that will convert into enquiries and sales for you…. get in touch today and ask us how we can help.



is optimisation right for you?

why bother with SEO?

SEO - Why Should You Bother?

As we all know, the UK high street has been having a tough time in recent years, mostly driven by the rise of online shopping. As more and more people turn to the internet & Google to find what they want, it is your competitors and the top ranking websites that are scooping up all of the sales.

Can you afford not to? Can you afford to get left behind?

Effective optimisation will consolidate your websites position at the top of search engine results, where your potential customers can find you.

If you are looking to grow your business and want to be proactive, then optimising for search is for you.

How To Get Started

The majority of websites fail to deliver on their potential.

Yours can be different.

Positioning your pages at the top of search begins with a complete SEO Audit, which not only analyses everything that is good and bad about your website (over 175 different elements in total), but we also analyses your competitors who are currently ranking well for the keywords & phrases that will help you generate the most new business.

Armed with this information, we can tell you what we need to do to position your pages above your competitors, how much traffic (& therefore enquiries / sales) you can expect, how long your campaign will take to deliver and of course how much it will cost you.



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