Google Adwords Account Management

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Are you new to Google Adwords?

Are you spending money and not seeing a viable return?

Not sure where your money is going?

Need more sales?

Struggling to make your Pay Per Click campaigns work efficiently?

We work with hundreds of companies to save them money (typically 40%+), increase their sales and make their Adwords campaigns work effectively for them.

Most PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are set up to benefit Google rather than the website owner, wasting money on un-targeted clicks, irrelevant traffic and keywords that are either too general, or ‘broad match’ keywords that include unrelated terms and phrases.

What Do We Do?

To begin with, we reassess every element of your campaign, to make sure that it is working in line with your business goals and targets.

Once we have the basic structure of a profitable campaign in place, we set up a proven reporting structure so that you can see at a glance the invaluable metrics that will allow you to run your business.

We will structure conversion tracking (so you can see which keywords, ads, and campaigns convert into a sale for you), we integrate important Google analytics metrics including bounce rate and visit duration (so you can see how your paid visitors interact with your content).

We also set up a structured re-marketing campaign, which will show visitors to your site a banner advert for the next few weeks after they visit you (As they surf the web).

Many people initially window shop and by subtly reminding them that they visited your site, we increase your conversion rate at an affordable cost.

It is said that at least 50% of all advertising investment is wasted.

We can show you which 50% you are wasting and redirect it into the keywords, search terms and phrases that are converting into new business for you.

Mobile Call Extensions

With almost 50% of searches now being carried out on mobile devices, we set up dirct call numbers in your ads so your prospective customers can call you directly from your Google Ads during office hours (These are scheduled to turn off out of hours).

There are several vital metrics that we test, measure and improve, these include;

1. Conversion to sale

2. Average cost of acquisition

3. Click through rate

4. Bounce rate

5. Keyword performance

6. Ad performance

7. Mobile Call Conversion

In addition, we track, monitor and filter the actual keywords your visitors use, removing un-targeted keyword variations with the ‘negative keyword’ tool so your campaign continues to become more and more efficient each month.

“Dave and Deeho first started managing our PPC campaigns several years ago.

From the outset, we have seen continual increases in conversions, while also reducing our costs.

Our campaigns just get more and more efficient each month, giving us more enquiries at a lower cost.

Common Adwords Set Up Mistakes

When most people set up a PPC campaign, their objective is to attract as much new traffic to their site as possible.

They usually include all the broad match keywords they can think of, thinking that this will get them the targeted visitors that they need.

In most instances, the opposite happens however.

There are two basic strategies for any campaign; you either choose a list of exact match keywords (so your ads will only appear if someone searches for the term exactly as you have added it), or you add broad match or phrase match terms.

A broad match will show your ad for any keyword that is related to your keyword, so if you added the broad match term ‘cars’ your ad will be shown for the rock band the cars, everything with cars in it, pictures of cars, toy cars, model cars, vintage cars, books about cars, as well as ford cars, BMW cars etc.

If you are selling quality used Vauxhall cars in Birmingham, the bulk of the traffic you receive will be unrelated to your products, so you will have a low conversion, high costs and a lousy bounce rate.

Wasted Ad Spend

Many surfers don’t read the Ads in Google Search very carefully, they just search for what they want and click on the results.

It is up to you to make sure that you don’t appear for unsuitable terms and phrases.

Many business owners don’t want to miss out on potential customers by limiting their campaign to exact match keywords, because many people use ‘long-tail’ terms to search.

In these instances we used ‘negative keyword lists’ to exclude all the keywords we don’t want to be found for.

Adwords is no place for guesswork, and there is no need to rely on gut feels or hunches.

All the necessary data is available if you know how to harvest it and use it to refine your campaign into a ruthless money making process.

Our Adwords Management Services will;

1. Reduce Your Cost per Conversion/Sale

2. Increase Total Conversions/Sales

3. Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

4. Integrate and Streamline Reporting

5. Adwords Account Review – Free of charge

We carry out free campaign reviews and if we can’t do anything that will benefit your campaign then we will tell you.

Deeho only work with companies where we can make significant savings for them.

We will analyse your campaign and report back to you with our recommendations.

Adwords Monitoring Service – from £99 + vat (Monthly no contract)

Monitoring your campaigns is vital to their success;

1. Weekly Campaign Review

2. Budget Monitoring

3. Recommended Actions

4. Monthly Performance Reporting

Adwords Managed Service – from £199 + vat (Monthly, no contract)

1. Weekly Campaign Review

2. Budget Monitoring/Management

3. Negative Keyword Additions

4. Ad Performance Amendments

5. Keyword Performance Amendments

6. Conversion Tracking

7. Cost Per Conversion Reductions

8. Ongoing Performance Optimization

Adwords Performance Optimisation Service – from £299 + vat (one off fee)

This package is all about getting the best from your campaigns.

We will create everything you need for your campaign to work efficiently.

1. Set Up Campaigns

2. Set up Conversion Tracking

3. Carry out Detailed Keyword Analysis

4. Create Targeted Ads/ Ad Groups

5. Create Mobile Call Extensions

6. Create Re-Targeting Campaigns

7. Create Second visit Ads (repeat visitors see a different Ad to first time visitors)

8. Create Bounce Rate Tracking

9. Create Time On Site Tracking

Adwords Split Testing/Conversion Package – from £399 + vat (per month – 6 month contract)

Split testing is all about improving the performance of your Keywords, Ads and Content to improve your conversion rate.

Doubling your conversion rate is far easier and cheaper that buying twice as much traffic.

This service will make your website convert more paid visitors into customers.

This package includes;

1. Split Ad Set Up & Monitoring (Monthly testing process – Alternate visitors are shown different Ads for the same keyword search.

We track conversion from both and the following month rewrite the worst performing Ad to improve it)

2. Split Page Set Up & Monitoring (Monthly testing process – Alternate visitors are shown a different landing page.

We track conversion rates from both and rewrite the worst performing page to improve it)

3. Content page visitor interaction tracking – we install code which tracks the clicks and mouse movements for the visitors to your pages.

With this data we can improve your content, click throughs and conversion to sale.

Adwords Training Service – from £399 + vat (One off fee)

This training will be tailored to your specific needs. The price includes a 1/2 day hands on training for up to 4 people.

1. Complete Adwords Training Service

2. Staff/Employee Training

3. How to Set Up Accounts/Campaigns

4. How To Manage Campaigns

5. How to Optimize your Campaigns

Adwords Account / Campaign Set Up – from £399 + vat (One off fee)

If you get the basic set up correctly then managing the account becomes much easier.

1. Set up of Account

2. Set up of first Adwords campaign

3. Keyword research

4. Campaign structuring

5. Ad creation

6. Bid strategy set up

7. Targeted landing page set up

8. Ad scheduling

9. 4 hours tuition and guidance from one of our PPC specialists

10. Email & Phone Support

With all of these services, you will be billed directly by Google for your Ad costs.

Don’t forget, if we can’t save you money and improve your campaigns performance, you pay us nothing….. you have absolutely nothing to lose by requesting a review of your campaign and everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Pay per Click Questions?

Why can’t I just set this up myself?

– You can is the simple answer, but that isn’t necessarily going to give you a good return on your investment.

Google is in business to part you from as much of your hard earned cash as it can.

Most people new to Google PPC tend to follow Google’s recommendations, which are; to keep adding as many keywords as are recommended, and to use as bigger budget as you can afford, and consequently, many campaigns soon fail.

We work differently.

Because we work hard to deliver a great return on your investment, we begin with a small controlled campaign, using only highly focused keywords that will convert into real customers for you.

From there, once we have a proven return for you, we then scale up the campaign to the level you desire.

By working this way, we can make absolutely certain that every element of your website is working effectively for you before you have spent lots of money finding out that something doesn’t work properly.

Writing good targeted Ads isn’t easy, and most people write general Ads that encourage clicks from almost anyone, using keywords that lack focus.

We write Ads that will help to filter out the people that are unlikely to buy from you, so they don’t click your Ad in the first place, saving you money.

This filtering process is the only way to drive quality traffic to your website.