Google Adwords ( PPC ) Account Management

Based in Bedford, we manage PPC campaigns and accounts for clients all over the UK. With monthly budgets from £1000 to £65,000 we track, test and measure every vital metric in each account to make them work like fine tuned sales machines.

Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Facebook and some other social media channels offer PPC advertising in one form or another.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Are you new to PPC?

Are you spending money on Adwords and not seeing a viable return?

Not sure where your Ad spend is going?

Need more sales from your PPC campaigns?

Struggling to make your PPC campaign work efficiently?

We work with companies to save them money (typically 40%+), increase their sales and make their Adwords PPC campaigns work effectively for them.

Most PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are set up to benefit Google rather than the website owner, wasting money on un-targeted clicks, irrelevant traffic and keywords that are either too general, or ‘broad match’ keywords that include unrelated terms and phrases.

Does PPC Work?

In short, yes. It can be a very effective sales tool, but it can also cost you a lot of money for little return if you don’t take the time to set your campaign up correctly.

For the uninitiated, PPC advertising is a minefield and it is all too easy to make expensive mistakes.

There are several vital PPC metrics that we test, measure and improve, these include;

1. Conversions to sale

2. Average cost of acquisition

3. Click through rate

4. Bounce rate

5. Keyword performance

6. Ad performance

7. Mobile Call Conversions

In addition, we track, monitor and filter the actual keywords your visitors use, removing un-targeted keyword variations with the ‘negative keyword’ tool so your campaign continues to become more and more efficient each month.

“Dave and Deeho first started managing our PPC campaigns several years ago. From the outset, we have seen continual increases in conversions, while also reducing our costs. Our campaigns just get more and more efficient each month, giving us more enquiries at a lower cost.”

Our Adwords Management Services will;

1. Reduce Your Cost per Conversion/Sale

2. Increase Total Conversions/Sales

3. Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

4. Integrate and Streamline Reporting

5. Adwords Account Review – Free of charge

We carry out free campaign reviews and if we can’t do anything that will benefit your campaign then we will tell you.

Deeho only work on PPC campaigns where we can make significant savings.

We will analyse your campaign and report back to you with our recommendations.

We write PPC Ads that will help to filter out the people that are unlikely to buy from you, so they don’t click your Ad in the first place, saving you money.

This filtering process is the only way to drive quality traffic to your website.

Beyond PPC – Advanced Online Advertising

Imagine if you could advertise to the visitors of all your competitors websites?

Imagine automatically building a list of potential customers, similar to the ones that already visit your site (and your competitors) and then marketing to them?

We make this happen.

Deeho can target specific defined demographics and personal interests with a similar profile to the people who visit your site.


You have probably seen Remarketing in action, and wondered how Facebook or another site knew you were looking for a particular product or service.

This is remarketing. We can cookie visitors to your site and then track them so that when they visit sites and platforms that we can advertise on, we gently remind them to come back and make a purchase or enquiry.

We typically see an increase in conversion rates of 20 – 30% using Remarketing campaigns.

If you are proactively driving traffic to your website, it makes sense to extract the best value for money that you can.

Many people window shop before commiting to a purchase.

They may look at several sites before deciding which to use.

Remarketing increases the likelihood of those visitors choosing your company.

Find out how we can help to increase your sales and save you money…… get in touch today.