Milton Keynes SEO Services

We are Milton Keynes SEO Experts, helping local MK Business owners to reach more customers in the area.

Milton Keynes is a rapidly growing new town (with aspirations to become a city) in Buckinghamshire, fast becoming a significant industrial and commercial national hub for distribution and commerce. As one of the leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers in the Milton Keynes area, we work closely with many companies in the town.

Milton Keynes is also growing as a technology centre, forming part of the technology belt that runs from Cambridge across to Oxford. Search engine optimization gives our MK clients the online exposure they need to grow their businesses, by positioning their websites in front of targeted internet traffic that is actively searching online for the goods and services that they provide.

On-Page Optimization

SEO is a process of tuning each page of your website to rank for a selection of keywords that people type into Google. The more monthly searches there are for a keyword or search term, the more competitive that phrase tends to be.

SEO is a two part process, first, we address each page of content, making sure that suitable keywords and variations of them appear in the key locations on each page that Google look for.

On-Page in Detail

Off-Page Optimization

Once the page content has been optimized, we then create links from other, high quality & relevant, ‘authority’ websites. These links are called off-page SEO and Google and the other major search engines count them as ‘votes’ for or against your website.

Over time, the authority and trust attributed to your website will rise and as a result you will move up the rankings for your preferred keywords.

Off-Page in Detail

Traffic Conversion

The third part of the process is to monitor and amend your content to improve the conversion rate for your website. This will make your website deliver more enquiries and sales from the traffic that you receive.

More Website Traffic

Many web sites never work properly. They don’t appear high enough in search to attract quality traffic and as such, they never get found. As a consequence, they fail to deliver any new business. Many websites are sold to business owners by web design companies on the basis of “build it and they will come”, but that is seldom the case.

Additionally, many web designers don’t understand enough about SEO to build you a website that will perform in search. Google have a lot of strict requirements that are necessary before your site ‘qualifies’ to rank, let alone ranks at the top.

Without a detailed understanding of Googles requirements, your site stands very little chance of search engine success. Before you commission a web designer, make sure that they will build you a site that meets all of Google criteria. Your site needs to be; fast loading, mobile friendly, user friendly, easy to navigate, sticky, useful, high quality & unique.

These are by no means all of the essentials, but are a good starting point.

We will point you in the right direction, work as your online marketing department & show you how to make your website work so it will deliver web traffic that converts into real new business for you…… ask us how……