Web Ready Product Photography

Commercial photography service that enables you to display your goods and services online. A good quality, well lit photograph, professionally shot to capture all the detail of your products will increase your sales.

Online, people want to be able to ‘examine’ what they are buying and if you try to sell products using photos taken with a camera phone or without lighting the object correctly, you will put off potential customers by failing to display what you are selling to its best.

Good images are in many ways more important than your product descriptions and because of cost is quite often the biggest mistake that webmasters make, thinking that they can cut corners and save money with lower quality pictures.

An investment in commercial photography will be repaid a thousand times because your website will be enhanced by the images you have.

Successful websites use high quality images because they work. They are a necessary component of the online sales process, the conversion tool that will make the difference.

Sell With Pictures

Many buyers are wary online, their subconscious almost looking for reasons to dissuade them from making a purchase. Your job as the website owner is to remove all of those potential stumbling blocks and large, high quality, well framed photography will act as the converter that convinces your visitors that your products are great and that they will receive a great product that looks good.

If you only use small images, or low quality pictures that can’t be zoomed then it looks like you are hiding, or trying to hide product detail from your customers. People want to touch your products, feel the fabric, examine the stitching, the construction, the finish and if they can’t then they will be less confident in making a purchase….. that is why they buy from your competitors rather than from you.

Invest in photography and you will reap the rewards. Of course, photographs are only one piece of the jigsaw, you also need good products, good prices, web traffic, good reviews and testimonials, and compelling content and product descriptions, but images will work for you if you make the investment and show your customers your wares in all their glory.