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Hacking is a Growing Threat We all hear the all too frequent news stories about different websites and businesses getting hacked. Only recently we’ve had the NHS, BA, Facebook, Amazon & Google+…. and they are the ones who own up to it! If these large multinationals can get hacked then anyone can. The question these […]

Drive More Website Visitors You can boost your web traffic with real, targeted ‘organic’ visitors and generate free traffic by following these steps… **UPDATED FOR 2018** Are you struggling to build your website traffic, despite trying every tip, trick and technique you could find online? Your visitor numbers just didn’t climb, regardless of what you […]

On-Page Optimisation ** UPDATED in June 2018 ** If you have been learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) and on-page set up then you are probably well aware by now that the end point that you are aiming for (i.e. top Google rankings for competitive search terms with lots of traffic) is not a static […]

Frequently Asked PPC Questions? Why can’t I just set PPC up myself? – You can is the simple answer, but that isn’t necessarily going to give you a good return on your investment. Google is in business to part you from as much of your hard earned cash as it can. Most people new to […]

Don’t Build Your Own Website Until You Read This You Can…. But That Doesn’t Mean That You Should There are many reasons why attempting to build your own website is a false economy. Of course it does depend on what you want your website to do for you. Or maybe you are still of the […]

Web Designers Who Accept Bitcoin We are proud to announce that we now accept Bitcoin (BTC). As a leading media business, it’s important for us to move with the times and by accepting leading cryptocurrencies (we also accept Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum & Litecoin) we offer a wider variety of payment options in a fast moving […]

Full Category List For Back-Links Backlinks pass a dominant category on the the sites they link to. Each site earns their category via the categories of the sites that in turn link to them. The more, high trust score, category specific backlinks your site has, the higher your relevant category score will be.  

How Important is Good Hosting for WordPress? The server you host your website on is the engine that drives your WordPress website. There are several factors at play including bandwidth, server response time, location, technology specification, php version, database version, security features and more. You can host your site on a cheap as chips server […]

“Mobile First” To Turn The Internet Upside Down **Updated October 2017** Mobile first is due to launch during  2017 so say Google. Subject to their testing going according to plan, they will start to prioritise their “Mobile First” Algorithm in preference to their traditional PC / Laptop based website rankings. Originally scheduled for early in […]

200 SEO Tips For Top 3 Google Rankings The following SEO tips cover every important element of your websites SEO that needs to be optimized if you are going to achieve top 3 rankings for your site: Know your final goals. What do you want your website to do for you? Do you need an […]