Full Category List For Back-Links

Backlinks pass a dominant category on the the sites they link to.

Each site earns their category via the categories of the sites that in turn link to them.

The more, high trust score, category specific backlinks your site has, the higher your relevant category score will be.

  1. Arts

    /Art History
    /Chats and Forums
    /Classical Studies
    /Graphic Design
    /Magazines and E-zines
    /News and Media
    /Online Writing
    /Performing Arts
    /Visual Arts
    /Writers Resources


  2. Business

    /Aerospace and Defense
    /Agriculture and Forestry
    /Arts and Entertainment
    /Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
    /Business and Society
    /Business Services
    /Construction and Maintenance
    /Consumer Goods and Services
    /Customer Service
    /Education and Training
    /Electronics and Electrical
    /Financial Services
    /Food and Related Products
    /Human Resources
    /Industrial Goods and Services
    /Information Services
    /Information Technology
    /International Business and Trade
    /Major Companies
    /Marketing and Advertising
    /Mining and Drilling
    /News and Media
    /Publishing and Printing
    /Real Estate
    /Retail Trade
    /Small Business
    /Textiles and Nonwovens
    /Transportation and Logistics
    /Wholesale Trade


  3. Computers

    /Artificial Intelligence
    /Artificial Life
    /Bulletin Board Systems
    /CAD and CAM
    /Chats and Forums
    /Computer Science
    /Computer Science/Academic Departments
    /Computer Science/Conferences
    /Computer Science/Database Theory
    /Computer Science/Directories
    /Computer Science/Distributed Computing
    /Computer Science/Organizations
    /Computer Science/People
    /Computer Science/Publications
    /Computer Science/Research Institutes
    /Computer Science/Theoretical
    /Data Communications
    /Data Formats
    /Desktop Publishing
    /FAQs Help and Tutorials
    /Home Automation
    /Human-Computer Interaction
    /Internet/Access Providers
    /Internet/Child Safety
    /Internet/Cloud Computing
    /Internet/Commercial Services
    /Internet/Domain Names
    /Internet/FAQs Help and Tutorials
    /Internet/File Sharing
    /Internet/Internet Fax
    /Internet/News and Media
    /Internet/On the Web
    /Internet/Proxying and Filtering
    /Internet/Routers and Routing
    /Internet/Statistics and Demographics
    /Internet/Web Design and Development
    /Mobile Computing
    /News and Media
    /Open Source
    /Parallel Computing
    /Performance and Capacity
    /Programming/Component Frameworks
    /Programming/Development Tools
    /Programming/FAQs Help   and Tutorials
    /Programming/Magazines and E-zines
    /Programming/Memory Management
    /Programming/Operating Systems
    /Programming/Personal Pages
    /Programming/Software Testing
    /Software/Build Management
    /Software/Business Drawing
    /Software/Conferences and Trade Shows
    /Software/Configuration Management
    /Software/Data Administration
    /Software/Data Compression
    /Software/Desktop Customization
    /Software/Device Drivers
    /Software/Disk Management
    /Software/Document Imaging
    /Software/Document Management
    /Software/Enterprise Application Integration
    /Software/File Management
    /Software/Help Desk
    /Software/Human Resources
    /Software/Information Retrieval
    /Software/Master Data Management
    /Software/News and Media
    /Software/Office Suites
    /Software/Online Training
    /Software/Operating Systems
    /Software/Project Management
    /Software/Software Engineering
    /Software/System Management
    /Software/Word Processors
    /Speech Technology
    /Virtual Reality

  4. Games

    /Board Games
    /Card Games
    /Developers and Publishers
    /Game Studies
    /Paper and Pencil
    /Party Games
    /Trading Card Games
    /Video Games
    /Video Games/Action
    /Video Games/Action-Adventure
    /Video Games/Adventure
    /Video Games/Browser Based
    /Video Games/Chats and Forums
    /Video Games/Cheats and Hints
    /Video Games/Clans and Guilds
    /Video Games/Computer Platforms
    /Video Games/Console Platforms
    /Video Games/Construction
    /Video Games/Developers and Publishers
    /Video Games/Downloads
    /Video Games/Driving and Racing
    /Video Games/Emulation
    /Video Games/Fighting
    /Video Games/Game Design
    /Video Games/Handheld Platforms
    /Video Games/History
    /Video Games/Humor and Jokes
    /Video Games/Massive Multiplayer Online
    /Video Games/Multiplayer
    /Video Games/Music
    /Video Games/Music and Dance
    /Video Games/News and Reviews
    /Video Games/Platform
    /Video Games/Puzzle
    /Video Games/Recreation
    /Video Games/Roleplaying
    /Video Games/Shooter
    /Video Games/Simulation
    /Video Games/Sports
    /Video Games/Strategy
    /Yard Deck and Table Games

  5. Health

    /Child Health
    /Conditions and Diseases
    /Home Health
    /Men’s Health
    /Mental Health
    /News and Media
    /Occupational Health and Safety
    /Products and Shopping
    /Public Health and Safety
    /Reproductive Health
    /Search Engines
    /Senior Health
    /Specific Substances
    /Support Groups
    /Teen Health
    /Weight Loss
    /Women’s Health

  6. Home

    /Apartment Living
    /Consumer Information
    /Emergency Preparation
    /Home Improvement
    /Moving and Relocating
    /News and Media
    /Personal Finance
    /Personal Organization
    /Rural Living
    /Urban Living

  7. News

    /Analysis and Opinion
    /Breaking News
    /Chats and Forums
    /Colleges and Universities
    /Current Events
    /Headline Links
    /Internet Broadcasts
    /Magazines and E-zines
    /Media Industry
    /Museums and Archives
    /Personalized News

  8. Recreation

    /Living History
    /Picture Ratings
    /Roads and Highways
    /Theme Parks
    /Trains and Railroads

  9. Reference

    /Ask an Expert
    /Knowledge Management
    /Parliamentary Procedure
    /World Records

  10. Regional

    /Central America
    /Middle East
    /North America
    /South America

  11. Science

    /Anomalies and Alternative Science
    /Chats and Forums
    /Earth Sciences
    /Educational Resources
    /Instruments and Supplies
    /Methods and Techniques
    /News and Media
    /Research Groups and Centers
    /Science in Society
    /Social Sciences

  12. Shopping

    /Antiques and Collectibles
    /Consumer Electronics
    /Death Care
    /Ethnic and Regional
    /General Merchandise
    /Home and Garden
    /Office Products
    /Toys and Games
    /Visual Arts

  13. Society

    /Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
    /Lifestyle Choices
    /Religion and Spirituality
    /Support Groups

  14. Sports

    /Adventure Racing
    /Animal Sports
    /College and University
    /Cue Sports
    /Extreme Sports
    /Flying Discs
    /Informal Sports
    /Martial Arts
    /Strength Sports
    /Table Tennis
    /Team Spirit
    /Track and Field
    /Water Sports
    /Winter Sports
    /Youth and High School

  15. World

    /Bahasa Indonesia
    /Chinese Simplified

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