Video Marketing

There are many different factors that play a role in successful YouTube and video marketing but the quality of your video will be an important one. Far too often we might think “Oh, it’s just YouTube; slap some homemade movie up there” but the truth is, if you are using this for video marketing then you really want to take the time to do it correctly.

Video quality isn’t THE most important issue but it still ranks up there on the list so if you want to take your video marketing seriously, it pays to take the time to learn more. First, understand that if your video has the worst quality, hardly anyone is going to take the time to actually sit through it. Maybe your mother will if you’re sharing cute vids of the grandkids but your average person is not going to suffer through your video, especially if it’s for marketing purposes and has bad quality.

You can click here for more information about getting views to your videos and remember that quality is very important to attracting and keeping the viewers. So high quality video = more views. Now what?

How do you get a quality video?

There are two things to consider:

1. The topic of the video and how you record it – meaning what your video content is

2. The actual video quality- meaning how people see it

So on the first point we’re talking about the content you create. Your video should be interesting and have a clear focus or point. No matter how long or short it is, there needs to be a clear script that is followed. It needs to make sense. Sometimes people do videos on the spot and they end up way too long for the average person to view and enjoy. The exception to this might be video blogging (vlogging).

Now the second point of this is the quality of how your video plays. Is it easy to see? Is it easy to hear? These are important factors for the viewer who doesn’t want to struggle to try to see what you’re saying in a blurry video.

Make your videos informative and concise, easy to view on different resolutions and with proper sound quality. These are all tips to make a great quality video and more people will pay attention to your video marketing efforts.

So now that you know these tips, will it change the way you have been looking at YouTube and video marketing or have you already been taking the right steps towards quality videos that get more views?