Question: What is SEO?

The question “What Is SEO?” is a question we surprisingly still get asked on a very regular basis. There are still plenty of website owners out there who aren’t familiar with the term.

Deeho Says:

The term SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization & is the process of manipulating a combination of your on page content & site structure as well as off-page back-link popularity which ultimately drives search engine rankings.

There are in excess of 200 factors that work together to affect where google rank you in search. Some have a larger affect on your rankings than others, while some work negatively rather than positively.

SEO is the process of going through each important element on or related to your website, making sure that it falls between minimum and maximum criteria as demanded by google and the other major search engines.

Latterly, SEO also includes several other factors including social media interaction, mobile device compatibility, User Interaction, hosting performance & several other factors that tie together to provide all the ranking signals that Google require in order to rank your pages.

An SEO campaign involves making necessary amendments to all the areas of your website that Google uses to organise sites into their SERPs results.