Off Page SEO

Off page SEO refers to everything you do away from your website to increase the trust and authority of your website. This can be broken down into two basic areas;

link building & social media activities.


 Link quality

Link building blueprint

Social Media – what social factors really affect your search engine rankings


20 link building essentials



Link Building

Links are often misunderstood by the vast majority of website owners, often to the detriment of their rankings.


What Is An ‘Ideal’ Backlink?

For 2015 and beyond, the perfect backlink for your website requires the following attributes:

Link uses your URL, Brand, Junk Text or an Image as anchor text.

Link is contextual

Link is on a relevant ‘category’ page

Link is on a unique IP address

Link is on an authority page

Link page has authority, themed backlinks pointing at it too

Link page is established

Link page is google indexed


This translates into the following;

You should ideally get a link to your site from one of the leading authorities in your niche, that is already indexed in the search engines. Let’s say one of the most authoritative sites in your industry has an established article all about a relevant element of your industry.

They find a page on your site that explains a particular process, issue, product or service. Your page is really useful and offers value to their readers.

They link from within their established content, referring to your awesome article as a useful page for their readers. Assuming that their page has been categorised (by Google) in a beneficial category for your ranking purposes, that link will be very valuable for you…….. analyse your link categories now

Search engines have developed this as their preferred link structure to make ‘faking’ links harder. If you just publish your own good quality content, even on a themed website, it will be published on a new page, which will have little or no authority.

It takes at least three months before it will develop any credibility at all, but it will still need back-links of its own from ‘category’ specific authority websites if it is ever to give you any ranking benefit at all.

This has really signalled the end of page creation for page creations sake, and means that a few good links are worth infinitely more to you than lots of lower quality links.


Social Media Engagement

Search engines are increasingly using popularity signals from social media channels as trusted off page indicators of your contents value and merit.

If real people share your content with their real friends then it can be seen as a strong indicator that your content is of high quality.

The challenge you need to meet is to create content that will be shared, liked, tweeted and virally spread across social networks.