Question: How Do I Increase My Trust & Authority?

My website needs to rank well in Google. How Do I Increase My Trust & Authority?

Deeho Says:

This is a very common question, and the answer to ‘how do I increase my trust and authority?’ is as follows;

Trust and authority begins with high quality, useful content. For truly organic trust and authority, you must create valuable content that other sites will link to as a reference for their readers.

Once you have published your killer content, you need high quality websites to link to it because those links will pass trust and authority to your content.

For example, if the BBC reference you from an article on their website, your authority will rise. The reason is that the BBC is a well trusted organisation so if they reference you as a resource, Google trusts their opinion of your content.

This is how Google use other peoples opinions of your content to measure your value against your competitors.

For many sites, getting the BBC or other highly regarded sites to link to you is not easy. The solution is to get authority sites within your niche to link to you wherever you can.

The sites that rank at the top for the biggest traffic keywords in your niche are the ones that currently carry the most trust and authority. If you analyse them you can see which sites link to them and in turn you can see where they are getting their authority from.

In many cases, you will be able to obtain a link from the same sites, and as you add more and more authority links from different sources, your trust and authority will grow and your rankings will increase.

Trust and authority can also be harmed by low quality links, bad neighbourhoods, low quality content etc.

There are also several fundamentals in website set up that can either help or hinder your trust and authority. Is your domain registration legitimate? Are you transparent with your contact detail for your domain, webpage contact details etc?

Do you have a quality terms and conditions on your site? Do you have a cookies policy on site? Do you have a privacy policy? Do you have a disclaimer and disclosure policy?

These documents are used by ‘proper’ companies, and Google knows this. If you are a trustworthy, well managed company, your site will be well managed and have a full set of policies available.

Additionally, your terms and conditions needs to be bespoke rather than a copy and paste online version added only to meet minimum requirement. Do you think Amazon copied their terms and conditions off the FSB website and just changed their company details?

No, of course they didn’t. They have a totally unique document for their business & you need the same if you want to be valued in the same regard.

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