“Mobile First” To Turn The Internet Upside Down

**Updated October 2019**

Mobile first is due to launch during  2017 so say Google. Subject to their testing going according to plan, they will start to prioritise their “Mobile First” Algorithm in preference to their traditional PC / Laptop based website rankings.

Originally scheduled for early in 2017, it is unclear what is causing the delay to launch.

Mobile First means you need a responsive web design that adapts depending on the device being used to view it.

Since 2015 Google’s mobile and PC algorithms have been running alongside each other, giving different results depending on the device being used for the search.

With the continued increase in mobile device and tablet usage for searches however, they have decided that Mobile is more important that PC based search (around 60% and growing of all searches are carried out on phones and tablets).

Mobilegeddon Misfired in 2015

Back in 2015 when Mobilegeddon (also referred to as mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse and mobocalypse) first landed, the  impact in SERP’s was far smaller than anticipated.

All that is about to change.

Using their mobile algo in place of the current desktop algorithm is destined to cause chaos for ALL Websites that are not Mobile friendly.

Without a mobile friendly version, you won’t even rank for your own URL or Company name!

Check Your Site for Mobile Compatibility HERE

You should see a result like this if your site passes the test:

mobile friendly test pass

In 2015 we were told that non friendly sites would be dropped from searches on Mobile devices. However, there are currently still instances of non responsive sites still ranking well.

This will change once the desktop algorithm is downgraded & non compatible sites will suffer massively.

Load Speed & Mobiles

Having a responsive mobile friendly design isn’t the only issue though.

Your design can still fail Google’s compatibility tests if it loads too slowly.

Test Your Mobile & Desktop Load Speed HERE

Your website needs to score 75/100 or more on mobile load speed.

Below 75% you will be at risk of losing exposure in Google when they make the switch of algorithms.

The impact of this will be magnified because so many of your competitors will currently be upgrading their websites, pushing you further down Google’s list.

Deeho mobile load speed

Deeho Desktop Page Load Speed

How To Improve Page Load Speed

While it’s often not practical to achieve a score of 100/100 without losing some functionality, we specialise in delivering high performance across all the metrics that Google use to rank websites.

This guarantees that each website that we create is as healthy as possible.

How To Avoid The real Mobilegeddon

Take steps today to avoid disappearing and losing business.

Test your website using the two tools above for page load speed and Mobile Friendliness.

If your website doesn’t pass both with flying colours, ask us how we can help you to apply affordable amendments to make your website work.

Request a no obligation quote to make your website mobile friendly today…. Contact Us

We’re a friendly bunch, here to help and are happy to advise you of the best, most cost effective solution for your site.

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