Search Algorithm For Google Mobile Search

**** Updates July 2019 ****
Webmasters and SEO companies worldwide are awaiting Google mobile s forthcoming mobile SERP’s algorithm due on the 21st April 2015 with anticipation, fear, uncertainty, trepidation and curiousity.

Currently, no one knows apart from Google mobile insiders (who are not saying much on the subject) exactly what the effect is going to be on SERP’s.

In theory, this algo release could have more effect than either Panda or Penguin as it represents a significant change in the way that Google are going to handle searches carried out on mobile tablets and phones.

Google mobile friendly

With mobile traffic passing the 50% of all search traffic mark, it was inevitable that Google would address the issue of useability so that the results that they provide are useable for the searcher.

Millions Of Sites Will Disappear From Google Search

Currently, there are millions of non compatible websites that fail the Google mobile friendly test…… try your website here….

This simple tool will tell you if your site is compliant with the Google mobile algorithm, or whether you can expect a demotion in SERP’s on or shortly after the 21st April.

Many websites simply show a smaller version of their existing website on smaller devices, making the user have to zoom into page content, in order to find what they want, or to be able to select a link without hitting any other links at the same time.

Google don’t want people to struggle with the results it provides users, so it is going to be giving a benefit to sites that are optimized for mobile devices.

In simplified terms, your website needs to be ‘responsive’ so that depending on the screen size in use, your content automatically adjusts itself so the user can easily navigate and use your site.

There is a race going on at present where web designers are working flat out to integrate responsive design into older websites so that they avoid any potential penalties later this month.

Google have been tight lipped with regard to the details of this new algo, but the basic concept is that mobile friendly sites will benefit over non friendly sites on small screen searches.

There is no information as to whether this algo will affect Google’s main SERP’s results, so web masters are having to guess, assuming that mobile friendly sites could be preferred too.

Until the 22nd April we are not going to know for sure, but step one in the process is to make sure that your site passes Google’s mobile friendly test…

If it doesn’t and you need some help, ask us how we can help you……