SEO Question: Should I Create A Blog For SEO Purposes?


I’ve been told that I need a blog because it will help with SEO. Is this true? Will a blog help?


Deeho Says:


This is a good question. The basic answer is that yes, having an integrated blog within your website will help your SEO, especially for long tail search terms and phrases, BUT….. only if you use it and add new, high quality content on a regular basis.


A dormant blog will do you no good whatsoever. Blog posts are dated, so it’s easy not only for search engines, but also for your users to see how current your information is.


Older information is often outdated, so Google places a preference on new content, because it is more likely to provide current information.


For this reason, its important to update posts if necessary, so that your page continues to provide the best result for its topic.


Google likes to see new content being added to a website and a blog is a great place to do this. You can add news, case studies, opinion, frequently asked questions (such as this one for example) so that you have a steady stream of new content.


If Google sees that you are adding new content, then it will start to visit your site far more often, which in turn helps your trust and authority, so regular blog posts really can help.


Each of your posts should have a unique title and be focused on a different keyword. The last thing you want is to target the same keywords from different pages.


You should post at least once per month (your site will archive posts by month, so it’s good practice to have a post in every month) but more often is even better.


The more active you are blogging, the more Google will like it.


Link your related posts together with internal links, both contextually from within relevant content as well as by having a “Related Links” section below each post.

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