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brand url versus keyword rich url

Is It Good Practice To Switch To A Keyword Rich URL? We have an established website that uses our business name domain. We’ve had the website for over 12 years. I keep noticing competitors websites ranking above us that use a keyword rich URL instead of their Brand name and wanted to know if we […]

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Is Negative SEO Real? I’ve heard a lot recently about negative SEO and the possibility that a competitor or someone could sabotage our website and make us lose traffic. Is this true and how likely is it to happen? Can we do anything to guard against it happening to our site? All our new business […]

What Is Black Hat SEO? I have been reading a lot online about Black Hat SEO working to get good rankings. Should our company be using black hat for our SEO? We need traffic for our website and need to know if black hat SEO works? Deeho Replied: Black hat optimization is against Google webmaster […]

What’s Grey Hat Optimization? I have been hearing a lot about grey hat SEO. What is it and what makes it different to black hat SEO? Deeho Replies: The short, concise definition of grey hat is that anything that you actively do to manipulate your websites search engine rankings is grey hat optimization. Google especially, […]

What Is White Hat Optimization? I have and solicitors practice and as such need to maintain my reputation both online as well as offline. I have been told that to do so I need to abide by purely white hat SEO to get my site to the top of Google… Is this the case? Deeho Replies: […]

How Exactly Do Google Measure Trust & Authority? I have been told that Google use trust and authority to measure each website, but what exactly is trust and authority, how are they measured and how can I improve my site so it has the trust and authority that Google want to see? Deeho Replies: That’s […]

Why Don’t I Rank? Why don’t I Rank? …..The most common reason for not ranking for your main search terms is because of over optimization. There are two types of over optimization, on-page and off-page. Why Don’t I Rank? – On-Page Over Optimization If you use an exact match search term too many times within […]

Increase Blog Traffic The point comes for every blogger when they realise that they need to find more traffic for their content. There are many ways to increase blog traffic, and this post aims to deal with the main ways you should concentrate on in order to build a solid foundation for your blog posts […]