SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Question: How Long Does It Take For My Website To Be Listed (Indexed) In All Of The Search Engines? I’ve published a new website. How long does it take to be indexed in Google search? Deeho Says: Getting indexed in Google can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how […]

Question: Can I Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Just For a Short Time and Keep My Ranking In The Long-Term? If I have SEO work carried out now do I have to keep going or can I stop as soon as I have the rankings I want? Deeho Says: Good question. In some instances, you can […]

Question: How Should I Go About Optimizing Our Website? I want to do SEO & start optimizing my site myself, how should I get started? Deeho Says: There are a few things you need to do first before you start: Select the keywords you want to target (Google Keyword Tool) Check your load speed (Google Load […]

Question: How Can SEO Help My Web Site? What are the benefits of SEO for me? Will SEO help my site? Deeho Says: Whether or not you need SEO is a decision you alone can make. Your SEO consultant carries out several important tasks which will help your site to remain search engine friendly, mobile friendly […]

Question: What Are Crawlers / Search Engine Spiders? I have read about Google using crawlers sometimes called spiders or bots…. what are they? Deeho Says: Search engines do indeed your ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ website content. Think of it like this, tiny little robots that visit your site, and then follow the first 100 links on each […]

Question: Should SEO Be Done In Stages? Is it possible to SEO my site in stages, a bit at a time as I can afford it?  Deeho Says: Yes you can, but you will limit the ranking progress you make because everything you do on-page and off-page works together to provide your rankings. This makes doing […]

Question: Which Search Engine Gets The Most Traffic? Is Google the most popular search engine? What percentage of all traffic does Google provide? What about the others? Deeho Says: Yes, Google is the most popular search engine in the west at least. Estimates vary depending on where you source your information, but it’s safe to say […]

Question: How often should I get an SEO Audit? I had my site analysed a year ago and have since had lots of Optimisation work done on it. My rankings have improved but still have some way to go. Should I get another Optimisation audit? Deeho Says: A website audit only provides you with a […]

Question: How much does SEO cost? If I sign up for your SEO services, how much will it cost me for SEO? Deeho Says: Every site is unique, so it’s SEO requirements are unique too. Because of this and the intricate nature of applying effective SEO to achieve good results, we always start every site by […]

Question: How does SEO work? I need to get higher up in Googles rankings, how does SEO work? Deeho Says: SEO is in essence a simple process. You align 200 elements on your website with what google wants to see, and then make your site popular by building back-links from high quality ‘trusted‘ and ‘authoritative‘ websites […]