Question: How much does SEO cost?

If I sign up for your SEO services, how much will it cost me for SEO?

Deeho Says:

Every site is unique, so it’s SEO requirements are unique too. Because of this and the intricate nature of applying effective SEO to achieve good results, we always start every site by carrying out a comprehensive SEO audit to take a detailed look at what is going on with your site as it is now.

As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you are, you’ll never get where you need to be.

The audit process highlights everything that’s good, bad and indifferent about your site, on-page and off-page. Once we can see a clear picture of your websites current health, we analyse your top ranked competitors. This gives us a target of how good their SEO is, and we can then develop a strategy to increase the quality, trust and authority of your site until it equals and they exceeds your competitors.

The cost of SEO depends on what work is required, how long it will take and the time and effort required. For example, if you have 5 products for sale on your site, optimizing those 5 pages is a much cheaper process than if you have 1000 product pages.

Optimizing your website content is the first step in the optimisation process, once your pages are all fit to rank in Google SERPs, they need to be more popular. To increase the popularity and ‘value’ of your pages, we need to create links on third party websites that link to you.

Low quality links are easier to create, and as such are cheaper, but can have little on no positive affect on your rankings. In fact, they can often have the opposite effect and damage your SERPs placings.

Google is all about quality & trust, so less links from better quality websites are preferable, but are more expensive to build.

If your main competitor currently ranks first in Google and has 100 high quality links delivering that ranking, you will need a better quality spread of links from more trustworthy and authoritative sites. Those links take longer to find and create, making the process more expensive.

The speed with which you can add links also depends on a few factors. If your site is brand new and currently has no links at all, you can’t suddenly build 30 links a month because Google will be able to see that you are manipulating (or trying to manipulate) their results.

Initially it’s important to drip feed new links to the pages of your site until it begins to attract organic traffic which then allows you to scale up the rate of link building you can carry out.

As a bench mark, SEO for small website starts from £300 – 400 + vat per month and increased from their depending on what your site can tolerate, the availability of your budget and the time requirements and targets we have for rankings delivery.

SEO Begins with a website audit…… request yours free here

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