Question: What Is Trust?

I keep reading about Google using trust as ranking metric. What is trust & how can I give my site more trust?

Deeho Says:

Google trust is an important metric that relates directly to your Google SERPs rankings. Trust is measured in several ways and is consequently easy to also provide untrustworthy signals which will harm your rankings.

Google want to measure your Brand, as it is the business behind the website that is as important as the website itself, if not more so.

If you associate with trustworthy sites online, your trustworthiness will increase, so Google can assess for example if you are a spokesperson for a Government body or organisation, or another highly regarded site and reward you as being an expert within your field.

Conversely, if you only associate with link networks and less desirable sites, you will lose trust & rank lower.

Amazon, eBay, Tesco, John Lewis etc all rank well because they are trusted Brands. For them, online activity is easier than it is for small business which needs to deliver the same signals through their websites in order to be able to compete.

Google spend as much time filtering less trustworthy sites from their index as they do in analysing good quality sites to determine the order they will rank in.

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