Question: Which Search Engine Gets The Most Traffic?

Is Google the most popular search engine? What percentage of all traffic does Google provide? What about the others?

Deeho Says:

Yes, Google is the most popular search engine in the west at least. Estimates vary depending on where you source your information, but it’s safe to say Google handles 64%+ of US & UK search traffic, with Bing on 20% & Yahoo on around 12%. The smaller search engines such as Ask, sharing the remaining few percent between them.

Bing have invested hundreds of millions into marketing in an effort to grow their market share, but with limited effect. It seems the majority of users are happy to default to Google for search and this doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

I think once your Brand name starts being used as an adjective for what you do, then your future is safe!

The downside from an SEO perspective is that Google is the hardest search engine to rank first in. Though the rewards for doing so are much, much greater once achieved.

Google attempts to rank the company behind the website as much as the website itself (see trust and authority for more on this), whereas Bing focuses more on the website alone.

If you get good rankings in Google then Bing tends to deliver better results. Collectively, all Bing properties provide 32% of search results, so with around 50% of Google traffic, they are still a valuable source of targeted traffic.

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