Question: How often should I get an SEO Audit?

I had my site analysed a year ago and have since had lots of Optimisation work done on it. My rankings have improved but still have some way to go. Should I get another Optimisation audit?

Deeho Says:

A website audit only provides you with a snapshot in time of where you are today. If you also analysed your competitor sites, those will also only be representative of the day they were created.

To stay in control of your SEO and to keep moving in the right direction you should ideally re-analyse your site and your competitors sites every 6 months so you can accurately track your progress, see what is working and also maintain an element of accountability over your SEO supplier.

SEO Audit

With a comprehensive SEO Audit, you will be able to see all the ranking factors that the top ranking sites posess, and compate them with your site metrics. This will highlight the relative strengths and weaknesses of your content compared with the content that is currently receiving the traffic that you want.

They say knowledge is power and its never been more true than for Search Engine Optimization. The more information you can capture about your website the better placed you are to back informed decisions regarding the best strategy to focus on.

We put a lot of effort into tracking and monitoring user behaviour for our clients sites because this is in our opinion the most valuable end metric for ongoing profitability. By analysing what users do on a site, where they go, how long they stay, what they buy and what keywords they used, we can optimize a site to extract maximum return for its owner in the shortest time.

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